Thursday, November 25, 2010



Get this.....

My cousin who I love so much
His name is Austin

Got his mission call yesterday
He waited to open it tonight so all the family could be there for Thanksgiving
(minus us because we live in AZ)

They called us & we put it on speaker phone

We all took guesses
1 out of state
1 state side

I guessed England and New York

I was WAY wrong!!
We all were.

I bet YOU can't guess where he is going.......




UGANDA, KAMPALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you heard me right, people!!
The EXACT same mission Mark went to!

Crazy right?

We thought he was playing a joke on us.

Mark is going to be sooooo excited


Mark gets home in December and Austin leaves in February.

We are going to see the family right after Mark gets home so he will be able to tell Austin all about it. He will probably want to go back with him!

Austin will get to have the same Mission President and be able to see/teach the same people that Mark did!

Isn't that totally awesome????


We are all freaking out a little bit if you can't tell ;)

Sad thing is, Austin's older brother is on a mission right now in Illinois and doesn't get home until June.
Hopefully Austy will be able to fly there and see him before he goes!

Welp! That's all for now..

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

ps. I think I found a dress!! :D
Cross your fingers!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First of all...

I just want give a big thank you to everyone for all of their advice re: the dress situation. I have a handful I am looking at, so just cross your fingers and say a little prayer one of them works!

In other news, my family and I just got back from VEGAS!!! We went there for a little "couples shower" for Kyle and I since we won't be having two receptions. It was soooooooooooo much fun! Kyle's parents worked really long and hard for it, So THANK YOU GUYS!!! We were surrounded by our friends and family, we had EXCELLENT food, and lots of music & dancing. The weather was supposed to be rainy with 30 mph winds but right when the party started the weather calmed down and it was perfect!

Here are a few pictures of the evening

My sister really isn't that much taller than me. She had heels on ;)

Me & My daddy

My parentals

Kyle & his little bro, Garrett
love them!

Kyle & I

We also got some great gifts for our place..when we find one! ;)

We had a very nice relaxing weekend.
We really did NOT want to come back to AZ.
But we did and now we are getting ready for a big Thanksgiving Feast!!

Oh and guess what else???


That's less than a month people!
Holy cow!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


To start off.. i'm just gunna say this is a little bit embarrassing..

I hate asking for help

But I feel like I have run out of options

And if I had a steady job that I worked 40+ hrs a week with good pay then I would not be in this predicament.

But I am asking all of YOU, my blogging friends/family for help.

I need a wedding dress. And I am sort of freaking out (on the inside) that I cannot find one.

1. Because in Arizona they don't sell anything but strapless
2. I'm scared to order one off the internet
3. I don't have a lot of extra money to buy one
4. I don't really want to buy one if I am only going to wear it for a few hours
I am sure you all know what I am talking about..
especially in this darn world we live in.. no one has any extra money!!

So, I am asking YOU....
Does anyone out there have a dress they are willing to let me borrow or rent?

Time for a cool story re: this situation.

I have some family that is really involved and helping me with this wedding and they know i've been looking for a dress, and my aunt who recently got married has a friend that also just got married and this friend (who doesn't even know me)....was going to let me wear her dress!! I was soooooo excited and saw the pictures and couldn't wait to try it one.
Well...UPS dropped it off at my house and it was even more gorgeous than the pictures.. I was praying that it would fit (because it had a corset)!!

But..... It didn't :( It was just too big in the shoulders

My heart sunk! I've been a little bit discouraged since then.
But THANK YOU "friend".. I don't even know her name.. for your act of kindness to a total stranger!!! You are amazing and your dress is gorgeous!

So, I'm sorry that it has come to this..

But please help..

Thank you <3

As of late

Nothing too exciting has been happening actually...

I have been coaching volleyball at a high school not too far from my house.
I was in charge of the freshman team.
we had 14 girls on the team... (which is a lot)
I came in to coach kind of on short notice. I was actually only in AZ for a day when they asked if I was interested.
Their previous coach got an amazing opportunity to go help coach college ball on the East Coast.
But, the girls and I clicked very well and became very good friends.

The season ended a few weeks ago..
I believe our record was 10-6 which isn't too bad for a freshman team
Actually, they were really good for a freshman team

We had a banquet this last weekend with all 3 teams (frosh, jv & varsity)
Where I got to hangout with all of them again.
My mom and I made blankets for all of the girls and attached a "goodie bag" with some lotion and candy in it.
(we were missing 5 girls)

I really do love those girls and am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to coach them and get to know them as friends, students, athletes and individuals. Even though I won't be here next season, I am anxious to see where the future takes them (the joys of facebook ;) lol)
I am also very grateful for this opportunity because my little sister was on the Varsity team so we have been able to spend a lot of time together and bond before I move away.
This is her with her team
She is on the back row in the white shirt and the grey & white jacket

We have also just been trying to get everything ready for my brother coming home in

30 DAYS!!!

I know, I know... you are all probably sick of hearing about him coming home and my constant countdown. But I am sooooo excited!
As many of you already know, Mark and I are twins. Being a twin is the most amazing thing ever! I love it! He is my best friend, hence the reason why I am so stinkin' excited!
Growing up Mark was always the outgoing, loud and funny one. He always made all my friends for me because I was so shy. When he left, it was really hard for me. I had to break out of my shell and discover who I really was. I did a lot of things that I was scared to do on my own, but I did it. This whole experience has just made us grow closer together. But I am ready for him to come home ;)

My mom and I are also trying to plan a little something something for my sister's 17th birthday. But we have been stumped on what to do for the party? Kids these days don't really like to play games or just sit and watch a movie.... Does anyone have any ideas???

...Until next time

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The most amazing man ever!

his name is Kyle

We met a few months ago and things immediately clicked
I don't think either of us were expecting anything to happen
It did and now this amazing man is going to be my amazing husband.

It all happened pretty fast, but...
When ya know, ya know, right?
What's the point of wasting time.

We are both just working, saving our pennies
(because we are going to be very poor)
and try to find some fun, inexpensive things to do in our free time.

What are some fun things you and your "partner" do in your free time?


Just incase you wanted to know..
t-minus 36 days until Marky Mark comes home!!

..Until next time

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm back

Hello everyone

sorry the blog 'renovation' has taken longer than expected.

I am here. I promise.

Nothing too exciting has been going, hence the lack of blogging.

But guess what??

38 days til my brother comes home!!!!!!!

yep! Can you believe it?

I can't sit and think about it too much because it weirds me out.

It's not like I've forgotten about him.. I think about him every day.. but it will be weird to have him back home ya know?!

I seriously can NOT wait to see his handsome face again!

(sorry this is so short and so lame.. I've gotta run.. some exciting news next time.)