Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines Day

As we all know, Valentines Day is approaching pretty quickly..

I've always been one that doesn't really like Valentines Day.
Not sure why?
I always seemed to receive a little something from friends, family or 'secret admirers'
I just quite honestly think it is a dumb holiday!
You don't need one day a year set aside to tell the people around you that you love them.
Is it just me??


Now that I am married, I want to do something fun!!
Kyle & I are both HOURS away from any family so I want to make it special.
I just have no clue what to do in this itty bitty town we live in.

So, I am asking YOU for help!
pretty please..

I wanted to do one of Kyle's favorite foods for dinner, but it doesn't help when his favorite food is also the most expensive.
(steak & sushi)

so tell me..

What are YOU doing for your special someone??

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Miss..

These two beautiful girls!
Macy & Maggie

We aren't allowed to have animals in our apartment
Not like we have the means to take care of one right now anyway
I want a dog SOOOOOO bad!

I saw a sign on the side of the road that said
"Adopt a dog. Saturday 11am-3pm at Wal Mart"

When 11 o'clock rolled around
Kyle and I drove to Wal Mart just so I could look at the puppies.

I find myself only watching Animal Planet all the time!
(the shows with the cats & dogs)

Hopefully this job will come through so I won't be so lonely and "puppy hungry"

at least it's not baby hungry

Monday, January 24, 2011

My weekend

Do you remember my last post?
When I told you I had an emotional break down?

Well, the next wonderful husband brought me these...

Along with my favorite candy bar
(Kit Kat)

He is too good to me

I had spent the whole morning cleaning the house, doing laundry & washing the dishes

Because Friday night is DATE NIGHT and I didn't want to worry about anything else

We ran a few last minute errands then went to dinner at Applebees
Then went back to our house to have treats and a
Prison Break

I am hooked to this show!

Saturday, we just bummed around all day.
Dropped off a few job applications/resume
We looked everywhere for a darn sled so we could go sledding but can't find one anywhere
(that isn't like $40)

We did Kyle's homework and watched more Prison Break
then we made home made donuts!
We got a deep fryer as a wedding gift & wanted to try it out.
They turned out delicious!!!

Yesterday before church
(we have 1:30 Church!!)
Kyle and I went over to one of his family friends house
He owns a Elk Ranch on 40 acres

Kyle has been wanting to show me these Elk forever now

Let me just tell ya, it was a BLAST!!!!
I can't wait to go back.

I told Kyle I want to live on 40 acres and have loads of animals like they do!

I definitely got my animal fix while we were there.
They have:
2 brand new calves
4 horses
2 ducks
some barn cats
3 dogs
a guinea pig
and a ton of ELK
2 of which are like their dogs
They just love you and rub against you so you will pay attention to them
I got a few elk kisses while we were there

This is Bonnie
She is the sweetest thing ever!

What did YOU do over the weekend?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

reality check

I have officially had an emotional break down!!!

Now that Kyle and I are settled in our tiny apartment with everything squished in its place
Reality has hit me!!
Like someone punched me in the stomach.

I've been sort of down....
like.....depressed :(
And you shouldn't be depressed after just getting married, right?

Here are my reasons why:

1. I miss my family more than anyone could comprehend!!

2. I have had a mean bladder infection/yeast infection that has me running to the bathroom every 5 minutes and feeling like total crap! YUCK!!!
(the joys of women hood)

3. Trying to have a healthy meal plan set up
(I lay awake at night wondering what I am going to cook for dinner the next day)

4. Trying to find a job in this tiny town

5. Figuring out how much we have to pay in bills every month and how we are going do it

6. One of my good friends passed away :'(
Miss you buddy
I'll never forget all the good times we had

6. I just found out one of our very good family friends..her daughter, who was my young womens leader has very bad breast cancer
She is just a young mother of 4 kids

So, yesterday when Kyle got home from school.. after talking for a bit, I broke down.
I sat on his lap while he held me and I cried for a good 2 hours.
The past two weeks have been so over-whelming and things don't seem to be slowing down.


What do I have to complain about?
I have a friend who is getting buried tomorrow.

A family friend who is most likely going to have to bury her 2nd child, when she has already buried her husband, father and brother.

I came across a blog today, where a young man died of testicular cancer & leukemia
His wife was pregnant with twins
All he wanted to do was hold those babies before he died
and he didn't get to.

It immediately brought me to tears
(I'm surprised I have some left)

I think I have it pretty good.

I have a nice apartment to live in
A bed to sleep in every night
Food in the refrigerator
2 cars to drive
A husband who loves me
We are both healthy
we have enough money in the bank that we can pay our bills for the next month-2 months

Kyle & I try to do the little things every day.
We aren't the best yet..
but we know the Lord will bless us and help us find jobs and provide a way that we can do what we need to do.

When we say our prayers, we don't ask for anything anymore except to keep our families safe.

So...I would just like to say, I'm sorry for all the complaining I've done or the feeling bad for myself when I know I have it pretty good.

Please forgive me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


...My husband made me breakfast in bed


then we danced to our wedding song in our bedroom

I love him!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

One Week

I have officially been hitched to the man of my dreams for ONE WEEK!!

....And has it been one crazy week!

We arrived to our apartment Saturday night right when it started to snow.
Kyle insisted that he "carry me across the threshold"
Once he did that and showed me around we went back outside to start unloading our cars.
When everything was brought inside I just stood there and looked at the big pile of "crap" that I had to unpack and put away.
I started with one box, got about half way done then started with another.
Sunday morning we didn't go to church because I had no idea where my clothes were all packed.
We just bummed around sorting through more boxes and trying to find places for everything in our little home. We made our first dinner together
My favorite :)
Yes that is an emergency candle as our "candle lit dinner" and my bouquet as our centerpiece..oh, and don't forget the homemade (burnt) garlic bread ;)

Bright and early Monday morning, Kyle went to school and I was positive I was going to put everything away!! When Kyle came home for lunch around 1pm I had most of it in it's place with a few boxes here and there.
Later that evening we went to dinner and had FHE at our friends Shae & Troy's home.
(we watched the Oregon & Auburn football game ha ha)
Tuesday Kyle gets out of class really early..(which I love :) )
we ran a few errands, bought a few more groceries and then went to dinner & played games at our friends Jon & Nan's..they live just a few doors down

Don't we have great friends who invite us over for dinner when we just move in!

Wednesday was another one of Kyle's long days at school so I cleaned and organized some more. I also made some banana bread.
I was really nervous at first, because I had never made it before but it actually is really good if I do say so myself
and the hubby loves it!
That's all that counts, right? ;)
I know, you love the paper plate!

I went and dropped my resume off then I got to go to class with Kyle!
As soon as we got home, we had the maintenance guy come fix our leaky disposal and repaint some bad patching on our walls
we then ran over to wally world to return a few wedding gifts that we got doubles of or already had
Came home made dinner, did Kyle's homework then watched a movie and went to bed.

Thursday as soon as Kyle got home from class we went to donate plasma!!!

Let me just put this out there.. we aren't scratching for pennies..just yet anyway, but its nice to have a little play money at the end of the week to go on a date ya know?

So, when it's your first time (me), you have to schedule a physical appointment thing
The whole process takes about 2 1/2-3 hours
I was doing great til I had about 15 min left.
The nurse guy came over, he said he had to move the needle a little bit
I was thinking to myself "oh great this is going to hurt"
ps. I hate needles
As soon as he did, I went from being just fine to as pale as a ghost and going to throw up within 5 seconds!
He called 2 other guys over:
1. to hold the garbage can
2. to get me and ice pack & some water
It was quite embarrassing actually, with everyone staring at me, waiting for me to hurl into the garbage can.
They were asking me questions, but all I could do was nod because my eyes kept rolling back in my head like I was going to pass out
..I just did NOT want to throw up!!

They were putting my blood back inside of me, he told me I should start feeling better in about 3 minutes.
I just thinking: "3 minutes!!! I feel like I am going to die right now! I am never doing this again"
Okay, okay, that's an exaggeration, but right then 3 minutes felt like forever
but boom!
I felt the color run back into my face and throughout the rest of my body and I was just fine
The nurses reassured me that it happens all the time & they've had people throw up all over the floor and pass out as soon as they stand up
so, I felt okay about myself.
For the record, I did not pass out or throw up!
yay me!

We went home, I started to put dinner together as Kyle did his homework
We ate... I was feeling really tired and kind of sick
due to the plasma

I felt bad I couldn't stay up and help Kyle with his homework but I could not keep my eyes open

But ToNiGht..we have a date!!
Kyle doesn't know, it's a surprise...shhh don't tell! ;)

What a week right?? I don't know if most married people's first week goes like that but because of school, we didn't go on a honeymoon. Which is totally fine! :)
I just love to be with Kyle!!

I have had my emotional moments, some in front of Kyle (sorry love!) and others when I am alone.
This is my first time being away from my family...
20 hours away!
(by car)

I will get to see them in 6 months though.

I know that these first 6 months being away from both families are going to be the hardest for Kyle & I but also the most fun.

If everything goes like we are planning, all of us will be together in the same state in this 6 month period!

Cross your fingers!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


That is all I really have to say.

SOOOO much has been going on, that the days just seem to fly by!

As I said in my last post, my brother Mark came home from his 2 year mission in Uganda, Kampala Africa.
To say it was an anxious day is an understatement.
We were all trying to keep from freaking out!
We had family fly and drive into town Thursday and Friday. We tried so hard to stay as busy as possible so it didn't feel like we were sitting and watching the clock all day.

The time finally came to drive to the airport.. I don't know about anyone else, but I was having a little panic attack I was so excited! :)
We got to the airport..ran to the terminal thingy....whatever it's called, where they walk down the escalator.
Every person that we saw on the screen with suit pants on we all jumped off our seats with our signs in hand.
Well..little did we know that Mark's fight was delayed an hour!

So we all settled down in the very uncomfortable couches and chairs
Each taking our turns running to the bathroom (because of our nerves) and to the board that says whether his flight had landed or not.

My dad came over with a huge smile on his face saying, "His plane just landed!"
We all jumped up from our seats, our hearts beating out of our chests & took our position at the line that we weren't allowed to cross
We then saw HIM on the screen and screamed so loud people probably thought we were CrAzY!

I promised my mom that I wouldn't post the other video..
we all look really silly..
crying our eyes out, not really knowing what to do..people staring at us..
Oh good times! ;)

We went straight to the Stake President's to have Mark released as a Missionary for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.
Our Stake President is an amazing guy! When everything was done, it was midnight.
All the g-parents went to their hotels and the rest of us stayed up until about 2am-3am listening to Mark's stories and looking at all of his souvenirs.

The next day, I was able to go through the temple for myself & receive my endowments.
It was an amazing day!

After a few days of just hanging out, everyone made their way home.

Kyle celebrated Christmas at our house this year

We had a great day opening presents
Went to the park
(yes, we went to the park on was about 70 degrees)
Made cookies
and played the WII

The next day we started packing up my room.
I felt like it took forever, throwing some things in one box to stay in AZ
and throwing the rest of my stuff in bags & boxes to take with me

We left a few days later and drove to Vegas
We spent the night on the strip

Got up early the next morning and drove to Utah

I was really nervous to drive in the snow again
(since it's been about 5 years)
And it didn't help that when we got to about Nephi we ran into a snow storm+crazy construction
With my knuckles clenched around my steering wheel, I was saying little prayers to myself the whole way!

We finally made it safely to my grandparents house
But things never really settled down
we were always busy doing something

My Aunt Stacey threw me an awesome bridal shower the next night

We were buying last minute things and borrowing other things from family members up until the night before the wedding.

With our small budget, the wedding turned out AMAZING!

I have the best family in the entire world!
Everyone stepped in and helped to make the day perfect.

so..I wanted to say...

Thank you everyone for all of your love & support.
We couldn't have done it without you!


(pics to come soon)