Thursday, March 31, 2011

I did it


I did it.

I CHOPPED my hair off!

My plan was that if my hair was long enough to donate to locks of love I was going to do that.

It was long enough..but the stylist said that because my hair was dyed they couldn't donate it which I found out later, wasn't true!
So..I'm a little upset that my hair is sitting in the garbage can and I couldn't donate it to help someone.

I am very excited for my new hair-do though
It's perfect for the spring/summer
(if winter ever decides to leave)

Which, by the way..

for spring break/honeymoon
since we didn't go on one

I'm so excited I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today I am getting a very needed hair cut

I'm still not sure what I want to do with it???

Which is bad, because when I get in the seat I just tell the stylist to do whatever she wants just make me look beautiful.

I've been wanting to CHOP my hair off for so long now
for spring/summer

But I am scared because my hair grows SOOOOO slow

It has taken me about a year and a half to go from

(my nose looks huge in this pic)

to here
Pretty please help me decide what to do
I am not good at making decisions

To explain this last picture, Kyle picked me up from work one night, he gave me the keys to open the apartment door and i walked in and saw

When I turned around he was on one knee with a ring pop and asked if I would marry him all over again.

It was very cute!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawk Happenings

This is what's been going on over at our house the past 2 weeks

3 dr. visits
Filling prescriptions
Sinus infections
Throwing up
Stuffy/Runny Noses
Sore Throats

plus the both of us working our butts off

We don't get much sleep

We...... I...... am EXHAUSTED!

I find myself dozing off

And with the semester coming to an end, Kyle is stressing out
Getting all our FAFSA information & filling out all this paperwork to transfer to USU

I swear, the whole staff knows who we are now because we call so much.

I think we finally have it all done!

This weekend is the first weekend in a LONG time that both Kyle & I don't work
So we wanna do something big and fun!!!

I hoping all this sickness doesn't ruin it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mustache March

I'm sure many of you have heard about "Mustache March"

Have you seen a lot of men lately with some sick creeper staches?


Here at BYU men are not allowed to have any facial hair

with the exception of a mustache.

So now that they have a whole month dedicated to the fact that men can grow out their 'moose-staches'
they are all taking advantage of it.

Including my husband.
pretty nasty if you ask me.


On Sunday we had some time to kill before church started so we started to play on photobooth!
Here are a few more pics of the nasty thing growing on Kyle's upper lip

This was about the only good picture we got

Always need a kissy picture ;)

Kyle can't roll his tongue, look at him try haha

You can expect that sick thing to be gone on April 1st
ahh.. only 1o more days

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting married?

Do you remember how I told you my Aunt, Jalene is a photographer?
And that she took our wedding pictures that I LOVE?!

Well, she is doing a promo over at her blog.
You can also check out her photography blog here.

So if you are getting married this year, you should book her as your photographer!

You can email her at:

That's her with her hubby on my wedding day.

I think you should contact her right now before you're too late

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shout out

I am just going to brag for a little bit........

My dad is basically the coolest guy ever!

Yep! It's true.

And he is basically THE BEST track & field coach in the United States.

Yep! That's true too.


When I was born, my dad was on a Track & Field Scholarship at Utah State University
He competed at USU for 4 years earning many awards some being:
Athlete of the Year &
the Wayne Estes Award
*Which exemplifies people that have shown outstanding things in family, school, athletics & the community.

Immediately after he graduated, he started to help coach there.
A few years later he became the head coach.
He has been coaching ever since then.

Here is a fun article that gives you a little more background
and it even mentions me ;)

When I was 15, we moved from little Cache Valley down to Orem where my dad got a job at the Utah Valley Hospital
He worked there doing a Sports Acceleration Program.
He was really missing coaching so he started helping out a little bit at BYU and UVU.

When I was a senior in high school, my dad had the opportunity to interview for a assistant coaching job at the University of Arizona
It was his dream to coach at a collegiate level again

I had mixed feelings about moving my senior year
and to be completely honest, I didn't think we would


I was wrong.

In October of 2006, my twin brother, me and my dad packed up a few things and headed for Arizona

We were there about a month (living in a hotel) while my mom and little sister stayed in Utah trying to sell our house

In November, we packed up our house and made the move permanent.

A few months later, Jill-Camarena Williams
An outstanding athlete that my dad has coached for many years now,
followed us to Arizona so she could continue training with my dad

They then traveled all over the world to places like
Japan for the Olympic Trials
and China for the Olympics in 2008

This picture was the day before they left for the Olympics
Jill, Ragan (my lil sis) and my Dad


Well... on Monday my dad was awarded the
Western Region Assistant Coach of The YEAR!!

I told you he was awesome! ;)

He had a meet in Seattle two weeks ago where he had 3 of his female athletes beat their personal records!
One of which, who is from Canada and will now be competing for Canada in the Olympics

All 3 throwers also earned All-American Honors
at ONE meet!

"No three throwers have earned All-American Honors at one NCAA Championship in the Women's School History"

You can read more about that article HERE!

Ask me why he isn't getting paid millions and having people knock on the door for his autograph?

I do not know?

But I think he is pretty cool..

And he's my dad!
So that makes in pretty DARN cool!

Mine & Mark's Baptism Day

This was when we first moved to AZ

My dad w/his proud parents

My dad on his bday last year

aw, cute parentals!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Photos

Hey All!
I haven't been in much of a "blogging mood" lately in the worry I would get more RUDE comments from more RUDE people

But, It's time to post WEDDING PICTURES!!


My Aunt Jalene is a photographer and she offered to take our pictures as a wedding gift
(such a HUGE blessing)

I told her the only thing I really cared about regarding the wedding were the
and I told her I wanted a lot

is that selfish?

Well, I got the cd's in the mail about two weeks ago
We got about 1, 000 pictures total!!!
That's a lot!

It took me a few days to look through them all.

I would love to post all of them on here but it would take HOURS!

So, I will just post a few of my favorites from the day
..and just so you know, its really hard to only pick a few :)

Me & my daddy

Here are a lot of us..Not everyone stayed to take pictures

Hawk & Norton Family

Carter & Bouwhuis family

Kyle's Family

3 of the 5 Hawk kids

My Family
(minus Cameron & his wife, Crystal)

Just a funny one..

My siblings
(minus Cam)

The parentals



My parents

That's all for now peeps.

I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to all of my family and friends who helped us.
Thank you for making my day that best day EVER!!