Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Girls

I wouldn't consider myself pessimistic
But I wouldn't say I am the most optimistic person either

Today I am just in one of those pessimistic moods.
Not towards everyone
or everything

Just a handful of individuals
Mainly one

A girl.

girls are so mean, don't ya think?
i do.

I would say I am so glad to be out of high school to escape the brattiness and back biting
but, sadly, it still happens when you get older

Shame, isn't it?

But what I am pretty upset about today is the fact that women
could care less if a man is married or not these days.

And it's really sad when that woman is married herself.

When Kyle and I were dating/engaged/first married I had this jealously that I had never felt before.

From every girl that looked at him, checked him out, smiled at him, etc.
all while I would be holding his hand or kissing his face, mind you.

Because he was MINE! And I was NOT going to share him with anyone!!

It got worse when the ex's started popping into the picture

FB chatting/messaging
saying hi to him at school
or the occasional running into them at the same place.... AWKWARD!
or worse, when they pretended to be my friend and add me to FB saying they were one of Kyle's really good friends..then I found out later they had dated.
Stupid girls!

I love Kyle more than words could ever explain.
I still get butterflies when he walks into the room
& smiles that smile that I can't resist.
I miss him terribly when we are apart for more than an hour
I know with out a doubt in my mind that he is my one and only!
The man I am going to have babies with, create our own memories/traditions with and grow old with
He is my everything!!

And for that very reason I know for a fact that he would NEVER do anything to jeopardize our relationship.

it's not him I am worried about.
It's them!!

So I ask you nicely, if you are one of those girls, please leave my husband alone.

You KNOW he is married

happily married



You are supposedly 'happily married' also..
to your eternal companion
in the TEMPLE
where you made COVENANTS!

So let me remind you...even thinking those things are considered adultery.

so please get over your high school relationship you had 5+ years ago with MY HUSBAND
..it was nothing more than a simple crush!


and then


thank you.

Here is a pictures of US smooching just to make you more jealous!

Friday, April 8, 2011

So happy

Remember this post?

When I bragged about my daddy???

Well, THIS article was published this week in the church news!

My dad is pretty freaking awesome!!
Enough said.

again, I ask the question..

Why aren't people knocking on the door asking for his autograph or offering to pay him millions?

Boggles my mind.

in other news..things around here are still crazy
I have been working my behind off.
I feel like I have been at work more than I have been at home.
Which is fine.
It pays the bills.

We leave TOMORROW for our vac-a!
so stoked!!

It snowed today.
I can't wait to be in mid 70's for a whole week!

And I get to spend Saturday afternoon at Sego Lily Spa
(Bridal shower gift from my Aunt)
to pamper myself for our get away!


I am one happy girl

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Showers bring April Flowers

Here in lovely little Rexburg, winter just DOES NOT want to give up.
It has been pretty B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L lately
too bad I've had spend the majority of the time at work

Then out of nowhere, wind, rain and snow!

We spent most of the weekend inside watching General Conference which I absolutely loved! (especially Richard G. Scott's talk)

Kyle came home from work one morning and surprised me with these beautiful flowers to bring some color into our home

I really can't wait for Spring to come!

and as you all know, April is finally here which means Mustache March is


Kyle wasn't too upset to shave that creeper stache off, it was starting to bug him I think he is so much more handsome without it

(He was pretending to be sad)

Things around the hawk nest have been crazy to say the least
We have been trying to sell our apartment contract which was a PAIN!!
we had a couple commit to us then they all of a sudden said they changed their mind.
I was not a happy girl, but thankfully we found another couple to take over our contract

We are moving into my friends apartment..her husband got a job in Arizona selling food storage and they didn't want to lose their contract for their apartment so we are just moving in while they are gone
It's bigger and cheaper!
we are very excited :)

The semester ends this week
(thank heavens!!!)

We are leaving for Utah early Saturday morning to see some family then we fly out of Salt Lake City to go to


For a whole week!!!!!!

our original plan was to spend some money from our tax return go on a cruise, go to disneyland or six flags for our honeymoon that we never went on but the timing and everything just didn't work out.

We have both been missing our families so we decided to go to Vegas and go to some shows on the strip and visit Kyle's family at the same time.
When we bought the tickets we thought my family might be able to drive/fly up from Arizona but that won't be happening either
I am really sad that I won't be able to see my family
I have been missing them sooooooo much!
Hopefully in about 3 more months we will all be living in the same state though
*cross your fingers*

I'll post pictures when we get back.