Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today is a ponytail day

Yesterday I didn't work
and the weather has been AMAZING
so Mr. Husband & I wanted to do something fun

We invited some friends to go to a place called "Monkey Rock"

The water was freeeeezzziinngg!
But we had a lot of fun
{& some sweet sunburn lines}

Once we got home, we showered, ate dinner and I passed out on the couch while Kyle finished his homework.

I guess being inside & in bed trying to get better for a month, then being in the hot sun all day took a toll on me

It's been pretty warm here, especially at night
We don't have AC
so it makes sleeping pretty uncomfortable

We both woke up around the same time this morning completely exhausted
dragged our feet to work/school
and made it through the day.

it was a ponytail kind of day.

t-minus 10 days til I get to see my fam!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Kyle & I are heading down to Utah next weekend to get some work done on my car.
My cousin, Ryan is an amazing mechanic and about the only one I trust!
check him out here.

Come to find out..

My parents are flying into Utah that SAME weekend!!!

I'm ecstatic!
I took a couple days off of work to spend some time with them, but I'm also a bit sad because mr. husband has to come back to Idaho and go to school while I'm having fun w/my fam.

June has been a pretty hard month for me seeing as I have been sick for 3 1/2 of the 4 weeks.
and I've been missing my family like nothing else.
I wasn't supposed to see them until October when baby boy Carter comes
(that would have been 10 months without seeing them)
But, because my dad is amazing at his job, he gets to come to UT to train one of his athletes, Jill Camarena-Williams.
And because she is amazing at throwing, she gets to travel ALL over the world therefore she has a billion flier miles and offered to give my parents & lil sis a ticket to Utah if my daddy-o could work with her for a few days.
Which makes me one happy girl because I NEED to see my family. Hopefully they can help me get over this little depressed hump in my life.

Then when I get home, I've gotta pack!
Only about 3 more weeks of Rexburg.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I moved to Arizona my senior year in high school.

to say the least, I HATED IT!

I hated the rock front/back yards (no one has grass)
I hated the cactus
I hated that they didn't have big trees with leaves that changed colors in the Fall
I hated all the wild/scary animals & bugs
I hated the heat
I hated that we NEVER had snow on Christmas
I hated that HUGE culture shock

People think that just because I grew up in Utah I was a 'sheltered Mormon'

I was not sheltered, I was naive.
I didn't want to know the gross or sexual things, so I didn't

I didn't use cuss words because I didn't want to.
It's not like I never heard them when I was in UT because I did

And yes, I turned my head when I saw that the high schools didn't have a dress code so girls came to school practically naked, or when I saw that kids my age (or younger) were covered in tattoos and piercing on every inch of their body or when I heard my teachers & fellow students drop the F bomb

It was a culture shock for sure!
For all of us.


I really miss it.

I miss my house
I miss my room
I miss my family
I miss my animals
I miss the roads I drove on everyday
etc, etc.

I have been very homesick lately

I spent most of Sunday crying.

Little ol' Rexburg is quite a depressing place and I want to leave!

I have recently been blessed with a very needed friend.
I've felt very alone living up here
and then out of nowhere we became insta-friends!
It's been nice to have some girl talk
(I think Kyle gets sick of me telling him everything!)

We have been able to help each other out the past few months

But I am still incredibly homesick.

Growing up stinks sometimes.
no money.
no time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to do a shout out to my daddy and wish him a

HERE is an interview my dad did
and remember how I told you my dad was named Assistant Coach of the Year for the indoor season?
he was also named the Assistant Coach of the Year for the OUTDOOR season
He was just named the National Women's Assistant Coach of the Year
read more here

he is pretty cool, right?
I think so.

I miss you and can't wait to see you!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

On The Mend

Kyle and I were talking the other day.
We have been married just over 5 months now & from the very first day we were married one of us has always been sick.
It's like we haven't gotten a break!
it's quite annoying.

I am getting better.
very slowly, but I am.
Still have some soreness in my mouth, a cough and some sinus gunk lingering
The antibiotics the doc gave me have caused a few other heath issues, but we won't go into those
a bit personal if you catch my drift

We got into Vegas last Friday around 9pm and were greeted by Kyle's family.

This was the first time Kyle has seen his brother, Mitch in FOUR years
He left for his mission a month before Kyle got home

Kyle was getting really nervous on the plane & we basically ran to see them.

Here is picture Kyle's mom snapped of us

Saturday we spent the whole day with Kyle's aunts, uncles & cousins
Sunday we went to hear Mitch's homecoming talk then we started our long drive back to Idaho.

The drive went by pretty quickly

When we got home (around midnight) Kyle realized he forgot that he some homework
We had to watch a movie for his class and fill out a paper

We didn't go to bed until 4am!
Woke up at 7 to take Kyle to class

Once Kyle was done with school we took his brothers to this cupcake shop we discovered not too long ago called
The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe
and we LOVE it!

We are a bit addicted.
We go there are least once a week.
So we decided to take Kyle's brothers there.
they loved them too :)

They have over 40 different flavors and we haven't been disappointed with any of them

We went and saw "Fast Five" at the cheap theater later that evening
way good movie!

Then on Tuesday we went bowling & played miniature golf
that's the Hawk boys for ya

Mr. Husband & myself

My friend Cortney & I
w/Mitch in the background

Wednesday we went to a local campsite/park
we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and just had a good old time together

Thursday we went rock climbing

Friday we just hung out at our apartment, watched movies & ate treats

Then this morning we made a huge breakfast, the boys went off to get a few things while I stayed home and cleaned up the mess! ;)

then we went rock climbing again.

We have had a great time while Garrett & Mitch have been here
We are sad that they have to leave tomorrow
but it will be nice to FINALLY get back into a routine of things

Hope all of you had a great week also

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Immune System

My immune system pretty much sucks!

In my last post I told you I went to the dentist because I was having A LOT of pain, even though it had been about 5 days since the extraction.

On Monday we went in, the assistant and the dentist just acted like we were SO dumb!
They made me feel like I was just being a big wimp & they made Kyle feel like he wasn't doing a good job taking care of me.

I think the one reason I got dry socket was because the dentist 'forgot' to send us home with a syringe to rinse my mouth/sockets out when I ate something
therefore, Kyle went to Wal Mart where they gave him one, but it didn't have a 'hooked tip' to get down in the sockets and it just kinda squirted all over the place & squirted too hard.
when we told the assistant what kind we had she just gave us a "huff", rolled her eyes & walked away.

ya mean lady!

The Dr. just slabbed some dry socket paste into the holes and sent us on our way.
It fell out the same day!

Monday night, no matter what I ate or drank all I could taste was that nasty crap!
I was feeling a bit congested, so I used some nasal spray..the next morning I woke up to a sore throat, lots of pressure in my left ear, and a HORRIBLE sinus infection
I was still having a little bit of pain, and a lot of sensitivity/tenderness in my mouth also

It just got worse as the day went on. That night I thought I was dying!
We have used a total for 4 rolls of toilet paper just blowing our noses..
we both have pretty raw noses.

I was scheduled to work the next day but one of my very good friends/coworker came in and saved me.

We made appointments to go to the doctor and to a NEW dentist

We called our bishop that morning (who is a dentist)
Told him what was going on, he squeezed me into his busy schedule and I went in the same day.
He told me that my blood clots fell out, so the bone was being exposed so the tissue couldn't form/close up over the bone.
He put some more dry socket paste into the holes, BUT, he actually pushed it down into the holes, put gauze on top of them to help push it down, came back pushed it down MORE so it wouldn't fall out & he actually told me what I should and shouldn't do to help it so it stayed in.
*which the other dentist didn't tell us ANY of those things.
just shoved us right out the door!

He also did it for free!
How awesome, right?
He is a GREAT dentist
anyone between Idaho Falls & Rexburg need a good dentist. Go to him ;)

Now on to the my doctor's appointment.
I could SWEAR to you when we made the appointment, the lady said to come in at 3:3opm
We walked through the doors at 3:25
I told her my name and that I had an appt. at 3:30
and she gave me a glare and said
"Actually it was for 3:15 and you needed to be here early to fill out paperwork"
(she did not tell us that on the phone)
then she asked for my insurance card, I gave it to her and she said
"Is your insurance a provider for us?"
I was just thinking to myself
'......aren't you supposed to know what insurances you accept?'
I said, "uh, I don't know?" she gave me a look like I was a complete idiot
then she said "Well, because it's from Arizona I don't know if they will"
I just wanted to tell her she was so dumb!!!
It doesn't matter what state the card is from. I've gone to doctors in a whole bunch of different places with that insurance card and NOT one office has had a problem.


Where it says "Person responsible for bill" I put my info because HELLO! The bill is coming to me.
Then she told me because I am still under my parents insurance I have to put their info.
I asked if I could have another paper because I was going to have to scribble out everything
She just stared at me! STARED!
So I just scribbled it out.
I just wanted to walk out she was being so unprofessional.

Anywho.. The Dr. said I have a viral infection, there isn't anything he could do.
I just have to ride it out.
He did prescribe me the strongest antibiotic he could
I'm hoping it starts to work soon because I am feeling like garbage.

We fly out tomorrow night to Vegas.
I am crossing my fingers it won't be a miserable weekend because of said sickness

I will post pics when we get back.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, there isn't too much to update on about my wisdom teeth.

I won't lie.
It sucked.

I was really nervous up to the moment I walked into the dentist office.

They had me take a second Valium to calm my nerves, gave me the laughing gas and turned on a movie.

The Dr. started to give me shots all over my mouth and within seconds I couldn't feel my face.

He came back in 10-15 minutes later to start.
He began with the top two which popped right out.

in like 5 seconds.
It was awesome!

Then he started on the bottom.
This was the sucky part.

I couldn't feel any pain, just a lot of pressure.

After about 20 minutes or so, they got the bottom right one out. They asked if I wanted to take a break and I told them no I just want to get it over with.
So, they moved onto the bottom left
which was the worst one
I had 3 roots that were all going separate ways in a 90 degree angle
So..they had to dig!
Thank heavens Kyle was there holding my hands (and watching) through the entire thing.

I kept hearing the Dr. and the assistant telling Kyle how tough I was and they couldn't believe how good I was being.
They were about 85% done with the bottom left and I felt the urge I had to pee!
really bad!

I sorta signed to Kyle that I had to go to the bathroom
so the nurse and Kyle helped me walk to the bathroom..I mumbled to Kyle to turn around so he didn't see me going to the bathroom. But he did have to help me pull up my pants!
hahaha *blush*

We went back in, they broke my tooth in a few pieces and after the two hours, I was done!
I was so relieved.

I know I promised you a video, but I wasn't too loopy so I didn't really say anything funny.

I thought the healing process would be faster than this but I still have a lot of pain and soreness

I actually went back into the dentist today and found out I have dry socket
(only in the bottom two)

Who knows how the heck I got it???
We were being so careful so this would not happen!
Kyle has to spray salt water in the holes after every time I eat which can be sorta gross

The Dr. put some NAS-TAY brown stuff into the bottom sockets that is supposedly supposed to help heal faster but that is all I can taste, no matter if I eat or not.

I am supposed to go back on Thursday to have him put more of that nasty brown stuff in them, but we will see how I am feeling

This is how I have been icing my face so I don't have to hold the ice packs there
I literally iced my face 24/7 so I had no bruising and very little swelling


Like I told you in my last post, Kyle's brother came home from his mission in Peru
They called us at the airport, so we got to hear everyone freak out.

This is Kyle trying to contain himself. He hasn't seen his brother in 4 years!

We got to skype his brother the next day, it was not the best first impression because I was in my Pj's, with messed up hair and ice packs on my face
And I threw up 10 minutes before

We are flying out Friday evening to go see him and go to his homecoming talk then he and Kyle's other brother, Garrett are coming back to Idaho with us.

I hope all this pain is gone by then.


Kyle and I didn't get the chance to celebrate our 1yr anniversary of dating
not that it's a big deal or anything
because we were both in bed sleeping the day away trying to get better
(he is still sick too...poor guy)

But tomorrow is our 5 month anniversary of being married!

We want to go out and do something fun but I can't really eat real food yet and I get nauseous if I stand for a long time.
but we will figure something out.

It's kinda crazy how fast it has gone by
and that we have already been together a year.

I couldn't be happier!
He is my best friend & my entire world.
I still love him like I did the very first time we met
He is the most amazing man in the whole wide world and I am so grateful he chose me to spend eternity with!!

I love you babe!

Here is a yummy recipe we tried tonight...well I nibbled
but it was really good from what I could eat

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We haven't been getting much sleep at our house lately.

Especially last night.

1. I got home from work late so it took me forever to fall asleep
2. I had to go to the bathroom
3. Kyle is sick, so he was coughing ALL night long
4. Kyle's alarm went off at 3:30am for work, then he didn't even end up going because of said cough
5. More coughing, finally got up and got him some medicine, water, vicks, etc.
6. Couldn't stop thinking about getting my wisdom teeth out (t-minus 4 hours)
7. And my brother-in-law (who I have never met) comes home from his mission today!

Kyle & I are way bummed out that we couldn't be at the airport to see him, but we just couldn't swing missing school and work.

We are flying out next Friday to hear his homecoming talk, then we are making the LONG drive back to Idaho with Kyle's two brothers who are going to spend a week with us.

I'm excited.

In other news:

Kyle had a lump in his leg
by his hip
we went to 3 different doctors, the last one said he wanted to do a biopsy just to make sure it was all good.
I was sort of freaking out, because I didn't want to find out my husband of only 5 months had cancer!
We went to the surgeon yesterday and everything is fine.
It's just a fatty tumor that is not cancerous, but if it gets bigger we need to go get it cut out.
phew. that was a relief!

and for the record, I am freaking out (on the inside) about getting my wisdom teeth out!
I know I'm most likely over thinking the whole thing
I tend to do that



ps. Tomorrow is the one year mark since Kyle & I first met! awww ♥