Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Boy we have been busy!!!
Sorry for the lack of blogging.

Just a little update..

On the 4th of July, Kyle and I got to be in the local parade for my work

Some friends invited us to go to Idaho Falls to watch fireworks
this was the only decent picture of the night

The next week my family flew to Utah from Arizona.
I was ecstatic!
Kyle & I picked my parents and little sister up from the airport
I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

We spent the next week just hanging out, apartment hunting, shopping, etc.

Kyle had to come back to Idaho for school, but he came back later in the week to go fishing with all the boys and spend some more time with everyone.

My aunt Jalene took our family pictures.
They turned out great.
I will post some soon

After 3 months of apartment hunting we finally found one!

We are very lucky and very blessed to have the apartment we got.

It's big, has covered parking (yes!!), HUGE kitchen, storage shed, a back patio & a lot more.

My brother Mark is moving in with us to save him and us a little money since we will all be going to school full time and working.

Mr. Husband and I have been working our tooshies off trying to put all that money back into our savings account that we had to spend for the apartment and for the washer/dryer we bought.

I start at the Twizl in Logan next week.
I'm nervous.

Kyle's dad, brother and my brother all came into town yesterday to help us move.
They have all been very patient with me.

You see...I'm quite a neat freak
I love to organize things and put them in their proper place.
I had to pack everything in the boxes because if not, things were just getting thrown into random places.

We all woke up around 7a.m. made a nice breakfast and then the work began.
We are just about done
We are leaving tomorrow morning.
I am kind of nervous.
okay, really nervous!

I'm scared to start all over...even though I grew up in Logan I am still scared.
To work with new co-workers,
new ward,
going back to school (on a bigger campus),
Making new friends all over again....

Say a little prayer and cross your fingers for me.

Loves & Doves

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food Blog

I started a food blog!

You should check it out here


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apartment Hunting

As many of you know Kyle and I are moving the end of this month.

We are so happy to get out of Rexburg and have a more permanent place to live and really start our lives.

We've had quite a hard time finding an apartment.
We have been looking for months!
But people want to leave or have tenants in at a certain time..
we just couldn't swing paying rent here and rent in Utah.
We have about 2 weeks to find a place.

I'm stressing.

We have a few places in mind but NO ONE calls us back.
Talk about horrible customer service.

We both start school the end of August.
I am a little nervous to go back to school. It's been a while.
But we are excited to finally get on a 'career path'

Kyle is majoring in Biology and plans to get his Ph.D in Toxicology
I am planning on going into speech pathology
but I still have a lot of work to do before I can even start taking those classes.

We spent the last week with my family.
They flew up from Arizona. It was sooooo nice to see them.
We all had a hard time saying goodbye.

My little sister starts her senior year next week.
She's a senior.

While they were here visiting, my Aunt Jalene took her senior pictures.
She's so pretty.

It's kinda sad when you LITTLE sister is so much cooler than you ever were ;)

I miss them already and wish we were closer.

We will see them in October when baby Cooper Carter comes!
I can't wait to be an Auntie!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

vent session

I am fed up!

Fed up with Rexburg, the people here, my job, 'sunday mormons', etc.

To the point where I am just done

I'm so sick of the fake people here who pretend to be my friend just to get something then talk crap behind my back

I'm sick of being 'the nice guy' but then when I need something, no one is around to help or only when it's convenient for them.

I wish so bad I had the guts to call people out & believe me...
When I get mad enough I will.
and it's not pretty!

I don't know why every single person I work with doesn't like me
(except one)
I don't ever see most of them??
I never did/said anything rude to them?

I'm not a mean person.
I hate contention.
I keep to myself.

So what is so bad about me that I only have 2 real friends in this dumb town?

27 days til we leave this place and I couldn't be happier!!