Monday, August 29, 2011


Today is my first day of school at USU

I am sitting on a bench waiting for my first class to start.

I'm really nervous.

I came early with Mr. Husband because his first class is an hour earlier than mine.

but thankfully, we get to have a few hours together
(during my FIVE hour break between classes)

So he can calm me down and tell me everything is going to be great.

You see...I've only taken a couple classes at a community college when I was living in Arizona.
People basically call it 13th grade because of how easy it is.

So, I'm nervous to be attending a REAL college with GIANT classes!!

But I'm excited to be doing something with my life.

Well, I'm off to my first class
Wish me luck!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Hoo-raw!!

Kyle's Birthday turned out pretty fun...but it wasn't what I expected.

We started the morning off grabbing a few last minute items for everyone to come over.
Kyle's dad, brother (mitch), Lim & Lim's brother showed up around noon
**Lim is basically another brother. He was a foreign exchange student from Korea that has lived with the Hawk family for 4 years now.

Everyone snacked on the treats we had out, then we went and moved Mitch into his apartment,
Went to Wally World to see if they had any tubes, because the boys all wanted to float the canal.

Turns out, summer is "over" and they don't sell them anymore...but it's still 95 degrees outside.

Then we went back to the apartment where Kyle opened his presents which consisted of:

USU Sweats

He picked them all out...I just told him to act surprised ;)

Mark got him a game for his xbox 360 that he has been wanting.
I made him promise me that it wouldn't consume his life.

Then his parents got him some really nice waders so he can go fly fishing without getting soaking wet.

We all just hung out...(well, more like sweat to death in our apartment..we don't have AC) until 8pm when we headed to The Bluebird Restaurant
(**Thats where we had our very first date)

Birthday boy in his new outfit

I had previously talked to family and friends about meeting us at Bluebird to surprised Kyle because as far as he knew, it was just going to be me, him, his dad, brother, lim & lim's bro.

Well, it didn't turn out quite like I had imagined.

They sat us back in this room, where our guests couldn't really see us
Then our guests either couldn't come, canceled LAST minute, couldn't come til, it was disappointing for me but Kyle still had fun.

We went back to our place, had cake, pie, treats, etc. and played some games.

Then yesterday, Mark, Kyle, Me, Mitch and Shae all went to 7 peaks
We were all stoked!
We got up early, drove down to Ogden to wait for Shae to get off work
Drove down to Provo, got there around 1:30pm just to find out that it was closed until 4.
We walked around the mall for an hour and a half then headed back to the Peaks

It wasn't as fun as I remember.
I mean, we still had fun, but definitely not worth the price.

We all start school on Monday.
I am really scared.
We have walked around campus a few times now, so I think I know where all my classes are.
We bought books today.
I don't know how college students survive with bills, school, working, etc.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today is Mr. Husbands 24th birthday.

Kinda crazy that he is 24
{he doesn't act 24 ;) hehe}

Last year, I really went all out for his big day, because he was going back to Nevada and I wasn't sure when I was going to see him again.

Here are a few pics from last year

I started out by "heart attacking" his car

Woke him up with a few kisses & his favorite donuts
then gave him this candy gram

When I got home from work, I hurried and got ready, picked Kyle up and we went to dinner at
The Cheesecake Factory
Where we shared some "Stephanie's Cheesecake" for his birthday dessert,
which later was the way Kyle proposed to me and it was our wedding cake

It was a really fun day!

Too bad they don't have a Cheesecake Factory in Logan or we would make it a tradition
I'm not sure if I topped it this year.
I guess we will see

Proposal :)

Wedding Cake

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

We are here in Logan.

It's been quite stressful and we haven't had much sleep.

I won't lie, when we walked into the apartment I was a bit taken aback.

It didn't look like the pictures...
or maybe I had just pictured it differently

Now that we have started to put things in its place, it's growing on me. ;)
{It's going to have to because we have a yr lease}

I just have to keep telling myself Logan is an old town and we live in an old apartment

We have spent a lot of time on campus trying to figure everything out.

I haven't changed my name "legally" and this lady was telling me I HAD to change it to my married name for school records and for my financial aide/loans but I would have to drive down to Ogden and then it would take at least 2 weeks to get my new Social Security Card and then I would have to pay for my classes if my loans didn't come through
blah blah blah!

I had a little melt down on campus.

It was a long time coming

I've been so darn stressed with finding an apartment
clean checks
registering for classes

that it all just finally hit me

Well, we went and talked to the financial aide peeps, they said it was all good.
No need to rush and change my name
I can do it for next semester.

Then I had to meet with my adviser, which was very helpful.
She had outlines for all the classes I needed to take freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year.

Yes, I am 22 years old and still a freshman in college.
Don't judge.
At least I am going.

Well, I got home to register online and almost ALL of the classes I needed were full!
all of them.

I had another little melt down.
hmp! :(

As for now, I am just waiting on one class and then I will be good to go!

I didn't know moving was so expensive either.

We had planned to buy a washer & dryer when we moved here because coin laundry was getting to expensive.

But then, we also needed a new bed since the one we are using now is about 20 years old and has been passed down to us from my grandparents to my parents to us now to Mark.
yeahhh......... enough said.
plus its a bit small for us

So, we bought a bed today.
we bought for a great price!!
I'm pretty excited

But now we are super poor!

I start work tomorrow.
I'm nervous to work with new girls.
I really hope we get along.

I've been needing some girl friends to do girl things with.

anywhooo... that's all for now folks!

Until next time.