Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Hawk

Kyle and I have some exciting news to share with everyone..
I know he has been itching to tell the world since we found out & in reality,
it really didn't stay a secret too long with any of our family/close friends.

Ladies & Gents,
We would like to introduce Baby Hawk!
Estimated due date September 26, 2012

We are excited but really scared for this new adventure that is coming our way.

Here is a little background:

When Kyle and I were dating/engaged we had briefly talked about how many kids we wanted, etc. We had talked about waiting a couple years after we were married to start really thinking about kids.
When we got married, we would see all these cute babies everywhere,
not gunna lie, I was baby hungry but was NOT ready to have one.
Kyle on the other hand wanted one really bad.
I told him after our one year anniversary we would talk seriously about the subject.
Because, in my opinion, you have to have time alone as a couple, get to know each other more, etc before you bring babies into the world

Well, this past December, I knew I was on my last pack of BC.
With all the stress of finals, Christmas shopping, sending gifts, traveling to see family, I put off calling the Dr. for a new prescription. Plus, the OB isn't the funnest Dr. to go to...

I eventually called but said they couldn't get me in until after Christmas which was fine because we were visiting K's family anyway.

While we were in Vegas our little niece Skylar kept asking us if we were having a baby!
And my mom texted me out of the blue asking if we were planning on still "preventing" things once I had my Dr. appt.

They must have known something we didn't ;)

When we got home from Christmas break, I didn't have a new pack of BC to start.
I thought I would be fine seeing as I would be going to the Dr. in a few days.
I also heard that it takes months and sometimes even years for a person to get pregnant after being on the pill.
Went to the Dr. got a new prescription, but couldn't start the pack in the middle of the month.
The Dr. confirmed that it would take at least three months for the birth control to get out of my system.

once again, figured I would be fine.

Then the husband and I both got sick, were both on a few different antibiotics...not too much of that going on anyway...if ya know what I am saying.
(just if you didn't know ladies, antibiotics cancel out birth one ever told me that)

Well, towards the end of January I was already "late" but thought I would wait it out a bit longer because maybe being off the pill would mess things up..

I started to get really worried, so I went and bought a pregnancy test on the way to work.
I made Kyle come with me!
Got to work, took the test, one line was really dark, the other barley showed up.
I made Kyle look at it, all he said was "I think you're pregnant"
I sent him to Wal Mart to buy another one because I just could not be pregnant!
Took the second test, sure enough..
a little plus sign appeared!

I cried.

I was in shock.

Kyle wanted to call everyone that second and scream it at the top of his lungs.

I always imagined myself announcing a pregnancy in a fun, creative way
No, I was too scared
I didn't have a clue what to do
we just sent our parents a picture message of the pregnancy test.

No one called us or texted us back for like half an hour.
Kyle being so excited, called his parents & asked if they received our pic message.
They hadn't looked.
He told them to look at the picture then call him back.
2 seconds later they called us, they didn't believe him at all
(he has played multiple pregnancy tricks on our families)
Once he convinced them, they were ecstatic.

I was in so much shock I made Kyle call my parents.
Once again, no one believed him
but both sets of parents can't wait to have another grandbaby!
It was one of my mom's new years resolutions to accumulate some more grand babies
(read here)

for the first little while, I didn't really know what to think..I really couldn't even talk about it..

I started to come to terms with things, got more excited every time I looked at baby stuff
both my mom and kyle's mom have started to make baby blankets, burp cloths, etc

When I was about 12 weeks along, after we went to the Dr. we announced it to our extended family... some of which already knew... hmm... wonder why ;)

When we went to the Dr. we found out I wasn't as far along as they expected.
I was about a week behind.
so I calculated it all back
I was only off BC for one week when I got pregnant!!!
Yeah....I couldn't believe it either.
People don't exaggerate when they say it only takes one time!
I couldn't believe it!

I guess this little baby just wanted to get here!

Now that I look back, I am glad that it happened this way because I think I would have been too scared and would have never felt 'ready' to start trying.

I am just about 14.5 weeks now.
It is going by pretty fast, but we have had weeks that seem to drag on.
I'm really tired all the time.
Prenatal pills definitely have made my hair & nails grow faster
but it has also thinned out my hair so much that I can't do anything with it!
My pants are starting to get too tight that I have to rubberband a few pairs
I have been pretty sick from about 5/6wks-present
I never threw up in the first trimester but have in the second
Pretty much almost every smell makes me gag/dry heave
(mainly fast food/greasy smells)
I haven't really been able to cook. I can only eat little meals.
I have craved fruits, vegetables, salads, juices, steak, french fries, salt & vinegar chips, sweet & fruity candies

We have bought a crib, changing table and dresser so far and got a steal of a deal on all of it.
I am anxious for our 20 week appointment to find out the gender so I can't start planning and buying cute things :)
We get to see both sides of the family around the time of our 20 week appointment so I am planning on revealing the gender in a fun way!!
so get ready parents! ;)

With all of these new fears and trials, we have been greatly blessed through it all!
I wouldn't say being sick has been a blessing, but that just means everything is going well.
We have been able to accumulate a pretty nice savings account
we are being given a lot of baby things from family and friends & we have full support from everyone around us.

It's so weird to think I have a little human growing inside of me
Kyle is so ecstatic to be a daddy!
He talks to my belly & gives it kisses every day.
He can't wait to feel it move
He is going to be great