Friday, April 27, 2012

18 weeks and counting

Well folks, I am now 18 weeks along.
almost half way done!

Our last appointment was at 16 weeks
They told me at my 12 week appointment that I wouldn't be getting another ultrasound until I was 20 weeks so I didn't go in expecting too much.

We just heard baby's fast little heartbeat
the Dr. came in felt my tummy, answered some questions & asked if we wanted to do some test to see if the baby had down syndrome.
I told him I would take that baby any way he/she came to me and I wasn't going to pay $250 to find out if it had down syndrome.
What are you going to do about it anyway??

Things have been going pretty well for the most part.
I will randomly have sick days, barf, then feel better.
I'm tired all the time...still.
I have to constantly have food with me wherever I go! Which means eating like every 30 min-hour.
I haven't been craving anything really weird.
Otterpops are my new thing! I could sit there and eat one after the other.
I can finally cook dinner again..I think Kyle is happy about that.
Which by the way, check out THIS new recipe I tried out. YUMMY!!
I can't wear certain items of clothing due to the fact that they are uncomfortable, I feel like a fat blob or they are just too tight.

I am at the awkward stage of where "I am pregnant..I just look fat!"

Yes, yes, all of you out there who know I am prego and say I look pregnant & cute
(cough Mom, cough Kyle)
Thank you!
But I do feel fat and I just want this baby bump to turn into a baby bump and not look pudgy.

...This girl in my math class came up to me after class the other day and said,
"You really can't tell you are pregnant....well, unless you know"
I wasn't quite sure what to say back to her.... just smiled and nodded my head.
While walking to my next class, I was thinking to myself, "alright, so pretty much everyone on campus just thinks I am chubby and wear clothes that accentuate my mid section. awesome!"

Not that I have anyone to impress because my husband things my "cute pregnant belly" as he calls it, makes me even more beautiful than he already thought.
aww.... ♥

But I am a bit self-conscious. It's a girl thing.

It's getting too warm here to wear jackets or sweaters that hide it.. I'm just going to have to break down one of these days and go buy some maternity clothes but I am going to wear my "normal" clothes as long as I can. 

(I have a feeling that it won't last much longer)

On a happy note, next week is the last week of school!!
and I only have ONE final on campus. The other three on online.

We are spending the next weekend in Wyoming with Kyle's grandma, helping spring clean her house/yard
Then it's off to see our families!! YAY! I can't wait :))

May is full of fun. I can't wait! Hard to believe the year is almost half way over and baby will be here shortly.