Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby GIRL Hawk

Kyle and I had been planning to reveal the gender of our little one in a fun way seeing as how I was a bit in shock when we found out we were pregnant and I made Kyle call my mom.
When we went to our 16 week appointment they told us our next appointment would be the big one!
I was so excited to schedule our appointment to finally see our little one and find out the gender.
I had been waiting for this day but when May 9th came around I got really nervous!
After that day everything was going to be really..REAL! (if that makes sense)
Kyle was ecstatic to find out what we were having.
If he could have it his way, this baby would be here by now.
He wants to play, hold and love our little one so bad!

When we got there, they took us straight into the ultrasound room & got right to it.
It was awesome!
We could see everything.
The ultrasound tech showed us the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, fingers, toes, and everything looked perfect!
Our little one wouldn't keep her hands from her face so it took a little while to get a good picture of the little face.

She asked us what we thought it was and I said a girl!
Then she said, "I think you are right! Yep! It's a little girl!"

We couldn't stop smiling.

As soon as they took us into the other room and we were alone, Kyle looked at me and said "We are having a little girl!!" and got all teary eyed which made me get a little emotional.
It makes me love him even more to see how excited he is to be a daddy and he is going to be a one GREAT daddy!!!
He is already making threats about her going on dates, boys, how he needs more guns, etc.
I told him he has a while to prep for that ;)

We saw Kyle's family that weekend at his cousin's wedding then saw my extended family at a little Mother's Day shindig.
EVERYONE was asking if we knew what we were having, how far along, etc, etc.
It was incredibly hard to keep it all a secret.
(sorry for all those we lied to..please forgive us)
We did tell Mark, Mitch, Garrett & my Grandma Carter.
I just could not keep it from my grandma! She only has 3 great-granddaughters and 10 great-grandsons. She has been wanting more girls and boy was she excited when I told her.
I was secretly hoping it was a little girl just for her.
We booked flights back in February to go see our families once school ended
so we purposely scheduled our appointment a bit early so we could surprise them when we got there.

We left Logan on a Friday afternoon & drove to Vegas to spend a few days with Kyle's family. We showed up earlier than they were expecting wearing shirts we made that said "It's a girl".
They were surprised and excited.
Monday morning we flew out of Vegas to Tucson.
Again, we were wearing the t-shirts we made.
I was soooooo excited to see my family. I had not been home in a year and a half.
We got off the plane, picked up our bag and met my mom outside. I tried my best to cover my shirt.
She got out of the car to open the trunk, saw the "it's" on my shirt and did a double take then she saw the whole thing and screamed and kept saying "I knew it! I knew it!"
(She called that we were going to have a girl first before babies were even in the picture)

Later that day when she found out that Mark knew the whole time, she was mad we "lied" to her ;)

We drove to my dads work & surprised him.
He is so cute with my little nephew, I am excited to see how he will be with a little GIRL! :)
I am afraid she is going to get quite spoiled.

Kyle & I went with my mom to pick up my little sister from school. I got out of the car and walked towards her til she could read my shirt she was so surprised and happy, but also, bugged that we 'lied' to her. haha! I guess they don't like surprises much, huh?

We spent the rest of the week just hanging out, going to restaurants they only have in Tucson, swimming, Ragan's graduation, baby/maternity shopping, making maternity skirts & baby stuff, etc. It was really fun and weird to be home..I really didn't want to leave & it was HARD to have to leave.

I was an emotional wreck.
The night before we left I cried in my bed for a good two hours or so until I finally fell asleep.

Then I cried that morning, when we got to the airport, then on the plane, then that evening when I went to bed, then on the drive home.
Those hormones I tell ya...They are no good. 
My mom kept telling me that I need to try and not be sad because it puts stress on the baby.
I didn't know I have been trying my hardest to not be sad but I won't lie, this whole pregnancy thing has been tough without my mom being here.
I have felt pretty alone & have had no clue what to do. All the changes with my body, the sickness, not having my mom and sister to experience it all with me, to get the nursery ready, to go to dr. appointments, etc.

That is what makes me sad.

I want my little girl to know her grandparents and it will be hard when we live so far apart. 
But, we will push through, like we always do.

My mom, Ragan and Kyle all got to feel the baby kick while we were in Arizona so I was happy for that. Our little one has been moving quite a bit lately. Kyle gets frustrated sometimes when he can't feel her move. He usually ends up falling asleep with his hand on my stomach. ;)

I feel like my belly gets bigger every day and it's official..I don't fit into ANY of my "normal" clothes, with the exception of a few shirts.

I will be 23 weeks on Friday June 1st. It's so weird and kind of freaks me out to think that I only have 3.5 months left!!!

As far as baby names, we have a list... one is really sticking out to us but we still are not quite sure & I'm not telling anyone because last time I did that, someone decided to name their baby that ;)

Everything is going good, just trying to get used to be being back in the real world and working. We are moving into our new apartment this weekend. I am so excited.
Anyone want to come and help?? You're more than welcome to ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Laugh

My husband is pretty much obsessed with this video.... I find it quite funny myself ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

School's out for summer!

Yes, Yes, I will admit, I was literally singing that song driving home from my last final!
Thank you Alice Cooper and ACDC.

My final grades consist of:
3 A's
1 B-  darn you math! But on a plus side, I ranked in the top 25 of my math final. wahoo!!

I was quite surprised with myself. Not that the classes I took were extremely hard or anything, just a lot of busy work that I was never in the mood to do with finding out I was pregnant when the semester started then being sick & tired pretty much the remainder of the semester. But we did it! And boy, am I happy that it is over! :)

We left right after our finals & work Thursday evening, drove to Salt Lake spent the night with some family then woke up early the next morning to drive to Wyoming to help Kyle's grandma with some spring cleaning for her yard. The weather was beautiful when we arrived. Kyle, his dad and I worked outside for about 8+ hours pulling up bushes, pruning trees, etc, etc.  Little did I know that I got FRIED! I looked like a lobster and now I have some pretty sweet tan lines.

Saturday morning we woke up early to go out shooting with a family friend that might as well own his own gun shop. this man has so many guns it's not even funny.
It was SO windy I had to sit in the car a majority of the time and watch the boys. I did get out to shoot Kyle's 9mm, a 22, a 50 Cal & sniper rifle. It was pretty fun. We had a good time.

When we got back to Gma Hawks house, we went to lunch at the yummiest burger joint in Mountain View! My family used to go there every summer on our way up the mountain to go camping so it was nice to reminisce a little. I wish my family could have been there too.
We returned to work but once the boys were moving onto jobs that I couldn't offer much help, I went inside and hung out with K's cute Grandma! 

Sunday, we finished up a few trees, mowed and trimmed the lawn & then we headed back to SLC where we had a small BBQ with Kyle's family, spent the night, then we headed home Monday morning, just in time for me to go to work (boo!)
We did go see "The Avengers" that evening though. 
AMAZING movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. It's really good & really funny.

This week Kyle and I are both working a ton! It's been quite exhausting. I feel like our lives have been non stop for about 3 weeks now and they will be like this the remainder of the month. But we are excited for what the next couple weeks bring!! :)

Baby Hawk has been growing a lot and my "baby bump" is starting to pop out some more. Still look chubby but what can ya do? I am now 20 weeks! I haven't felt any movement or kicking...that I know of anyway. It's so crazy to think that I am half way done! We have tried to think of baby names, but it is a lot harder than I thought.
Growing up, NOBODY was named Makenzie and if they were, they spelled it different. So, I am kind of leaning toward something unique.. not ugly unique, I just don't want a name that everyone else has. Kyle really doesn't care what it is named. He is just so excited to be a daddy!
He wakes up and kisses me and then kisses my tummy. He talks to the baby and sings him/her songs. He is going to be the best daddy ever! ♥

We get to spend this whole weekend with the family and I am so excited, I just wish my parents and little sister could be here too. (only 10 more days!!!!!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Is it normal for you to be more & more emotional the farther you get in your pregnancy?

I feel like I am on the verge of crying
all. the. time!

I'm not a fan.

It is quite pathetic really.

I feel sad thinking about my family, my animals back in AZ, looking at pics of my cute nephew I wont get to see until September and even at stupid commercials or tv shows.

I was missing my family really bad today.
I don't know why? I get to see them in two weeks.
but all I can think about is that I have to leave them a week later.

Maybe its the stress of finals?
The stress of moving?
All the money we have spent or have to spend this month.
who knows.

But I am sick of being an emotional roller coaster.


Not diggin' these hormones!