Monday, June 18, 2012

This week

What a week we had.

I have been feeling pretty great lately but once I hit 24 weeks, I have been so bloody uncomfortable.

I am ALWAYS tired but don't ever sleep well.
My whole body aches to the point where I just want to cry
I feel bigger every time I look in the mirror
My stomach muscles are sore from all the stretching
My feet, legs, hands & fingers are swollen/bloated but I drink a ton of water
It may not help that it has been really hot & we don't have any AC

I can't wear my wedding bands, just the ring, or I feel like my finger will fall off with how tight it gets.

I thought this stage didn't happen until you were about to pop?

Does anyone have any advice?

I don't eat a lot of salt, I only drink water, I really try to eat healthy but I am pretty miserable and I still have 3.5 months to go!!!! Ah!

I think I may just die

But on a side note:
I got to spend the entire weekend with people I love.
my family!

I love being with my family, I always have.
I really took it for granted when we moved 900 miles away from any family and only got to see them once a year.
So now that I am only an hour away (& minutes away from my brothers), I really try to take advantage of it and see them as much as possible.
Especially now that we are having a baby & a GIRL at that...since we seem to be deprived of those ;)

I am now 25.5 weeks along, huge, uncomfortable & get a little more freaked out with how close the big day is getting here. Especially the labor part! ah!!

Any advice is welcome :))

Monday, June 11, 2012

24 weeks

I am now 24 weeks along and baby girl is healthy as can be!
Everything is right on track & I am so relieved.

Changes I have noticed:
(this is mainly for me & my family who live in different states)
-I pee 24/7. I used to get up at least once in the it's about 3 times.
-I have mad heartburn. I now carry tums in my purse.
-Baby moves all the time, and her movements are a lot stronger now
  The nurse who did the ultrasound to hear her heartbeat was getting a little frustrated because she kept moving. It was pretty cool though, because I could feel her move as soon as the nurse would find it.
-My tummy is getting bigger every day, no stretch marks yet. Hoping to prevent as many as those as I can. Dr. said my tummy will get 1cm bigger every week from now on. Get ready to see some popping of the tum tum! haha
-She loves when her daddy talks to her. She now kicks for him all the time.
-My maternity pants STILL don't fit right and my butt is hanging out most of the time...Sorry! ;)
-I feel more tired than usual
-I've been getting really bad headaches
-I don't sleep well...ever!
-My back always hurts..thank goodness I work at a Chiropractic Office, right?
-I recently gained a handful of weight... :/ hoping that will shed right off?!
-I get cramps/charlie horses in my calves at night
-My belly button is slowly starting to turn to an outie.
-My hair is frizzy and disgusting and I hate trying to make it look good.
-I can't seem to paint my toenails anymore without having to take a breath and adjust every five seconds.
-I am awkwardly ALWAYS thirsty...Mostly for water, but every now & then I crave a Diet Coke. Dr. said no more carbonation :(

Everything I have read, or asked the Dr. about is totally normal, so I guess I have nothing to worry about.
The joys of being a woman, I guess??

You men have it so easy ;) haha!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

pet peeve

Can I just share with you one of my new pet peeves??
Well, even if you don't want to hear it comes!!

I'm getting quite sick of people looking at my stomach and then giving me that awkward smile look.

It's been happening at work, the store, everywhere we seem to go these days
It is quite annoying!

Today at work, a professor
(from another country which I shall not name & kinda bugs me quite frankly)
Looked at me strange and said... "You're pregnant?"
me: "Yes"
him: "I didn't know you were pregnant. Are you married?"
(like I was supposed to announce to the whole physics department that I am having a baby. I have a darn wedding ring on AND I am almost positive you have seen me with my husband!!)
me: "Yes sir"
him: "When did you get married?"
me: "A year and a half ago...."
him: "So you have been married a year and a half?"
me: "Yep........ and now we are having a baby"
him: "hmm..." and walked out.

For working with a bunch of genius' a lot of the professors have NO common sense!
I mean...NONE!
They never think before they speak.

Then we were in Wal Mart and this worker asked me if I was expecting....
What if I would have said no?? geez. some people!
At least I haven't had strangers come up to me and rub my belly.

I am 23 weeks today and I don't think I am huge that people should be looking at me funny
BUT..... whatev!

In this handy dandy book the dr. gave me it says:

Week 23:
Your baby can respond with movement to familiar sounds, such as the sound of your voice. Now the baby spends about 80% of her sleep time in REM sleep. During this stage of sleep, the eyes move and the brain is very active.

We can definitely feel this baby girl moving ALL the time now. :) Kyle loves it! ♥ ♥ ♥