Friday, August 31, 2012


I get jealous of all you peeps out there who live close to your families.

I'm not a jealous person but I totally envy you.

it isn't fair.

For you who cherish every moment together, I applaud you.

For you who don't seem to care.
you should.

I wish more than anything in this entire world that I could have my parents close by.
Even if it was a couple hours away.

I reminisce how it would be to go to "the parents house for Sunday dinner" or spend the weekend with the family.

or how this pregnancy would have been if my mom were closer to answer all my questions & concerns.
to know that she would be here when this baby is born, but instead I am crossing my fingers that baby stays put until she fly's into town a week before she is due.

In the (almost) two years that Kyle and I have been married I have seen my family a total 3 times.


It's been hard.
really hard.


that is all.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday, Baby & School

The Mr. celebrated his 25th birthday last weekend.

I wanted to make it FUN since
1. I don't know if he liked the idea that he is now 25 and "old"
2. School was starting the following Monday
3. He has been absolutely incredible throughout this entire pregnancy & he deserved a day all about him!

Due to some unfortunate events, I had to go to the Doctor on his birthday.
I felt really bad about that..
just an update, after I was half way through my third round of antibiotics, I was welcomed by a yeast infection.
Wonderful, right?
now I am on more meds!
I did finally get to see MY doctor after 6 weeks (of going every week) which was nice to get some straight answers.

He said
I am dilated to a 1
60% effaced
and baby dropped 1 cm.

He also said that baby girl could come a week early!

It was really nerve racking to hear that.

I have been having dreams almost every night about the whole labor part of this adventure.

I am terrified, I'm not gunna lie...

It freaks me out the closer it gets!

Unfortunately, I am almost positive that the UTI is still around and I feel like the meds I have been taking for the yeast infection haven't done anything.

:'( :'( :'(

My sister has been staying with us for just over a week now in the nursery/spare bedroom & will be staying until baby comes.

I've shoved all of the big "toys" and other things that baby wont be using for months into her closet

Now that my sister is here, she has nowhere to put her things so I have been trying to reorganize a few things (so she can put her clothes in the closet instead of keeping them in her suitcase) and get our room ready for baby.

But anyway..back to Kyle's birthday.

I made him cinnamon pull-aparts (HE LOVES THEM) and apple juice for breakfast
We took my sister to a dr appointment
then Sushi for lunch!

Kyle has been CrAvInG sushi for soooo long but seeing as I hate it, can't eat it anyway and it is usually relatively expensive we haven't gone in a long time.

We found a great place here in Cache Valley that has 50% off sushi (and surprisingly really yummy...from what I hear) and some awesome lunch specials. The Mr. ate like 6 rolls all by himself. haha! He loved it and wanted to go back for dinner.

But instead, we went straight to my dr.'s appointment, came home, he opened his gifts from me, took a nap while I made dinner for our siblings to come over and spend the evening/eat cake & pie with us.
I know his gifts totally contradict themselves, but those are all of his favorite treats and he was really wanting that gym thing!

Kyle said he wanted me to play the xbox with him for his birthday.
So, because I love him so much, I played a few rounds of some zombie game with him

then we spent the rest of the evening with our siblings, vegged out, skyped my parents and then hit the hay.

Saturday we went down to Ogden to run a few errands, then that evening Kyle headed up the mountain with his brother.
That was the other thing he wanted to do for his birthday was "go to the mountains".
I was exhausted and swollen so he let me stay home.

We spent Sunday at church then headed over to my brothers house for dinner.

It was a fun and very busy weekend.

Kyle started classes Monday morning.
I am taking this semester off because I didn't think having a baby in the middle of the semester would be a good idea. I am still working on campus which is a blessing because technically I am not supposed to work here unless I am taking classes but they love me here, what can I say? ;)

It's a pretty laid back job that doesn't require a whole lot of strain/stress on me or the baby.
My back and tailbone get pretty sore from sitting in an office chair for 8+ hrs a day, but the baby has been dropping and I don't think that helps much either.

Other than that we are just trying to prepare for this little baby girl to get here.
We still don't have a name. We have one that we both agree on but I still don't know if I am "in love" with it. I told Kyle we would wait to meet her to decide.

If anyone has any suggestions, you can throw them my way!

I am sooooo nervous!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Almost there

The past few weeks have been quite busy around these parts.
We have been working our behinds off & trying our best to beat the heat.

Kyle had to go out of town for work and spend the night
(not my favorite)

then he and his brother left early Sunday morning to go pick up their lil bro from the airport, spent the night in SLC and went to 7 peaks the next morning.

I was supposed to work that day, so I didn't tag along..Not that I would want to strut my "sexy self" in a bathing suit anyway.

Turns out, someone needed to switch shifts so I stayed home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!

I am a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning and's kind of a stress reliever for me.
I've always liked cleaning..probably a little too much.
I guess we will see if that changes when baby comes.

All the time away from the Mr., I spent getting the baby room ready (pics to come), washing the rest of her clothes, blankets, etc. It made me really excited for her to get here, but also gave me a little anxiety seeing as I only have 6 weeks left! That's nothing people!! ahh!!!!!!
Oh and catching up on my new favorite tv series, "Pretty Little Liars", of course.
(i'm obsessed!)

The next few days I pulled a couple 10 hour shifts and pretty much felt like I was going to die by the end of them.

Kyle's family had plans to go spend the weekend up in the mountains at his uncles mansion of a cabin for one last get away before lil brother Hawk leaves on his mission to the Philippians.
I had been contemplating whether I should go or not.
With all the pain, contractions, UTI, etc that I had been having, I decided not to go.
But being away from the Mr. for 4 days and 3 nights after already spending 3 days and 2 nights away from him was not sitting too well with me.
Neither was working more 10 hour shifts! ;)

I decided to go the night before.

I hate staying home alone
& sleeping in my bed alone

My mind wanders.
I scare myself.
I know....I'm a wimp.

So, I packed our bags and we left the next day once I got off work.

Even though the weather was perfect & it was so nice to not have swollen hands/feet for a few days & to not sweat 24/7, I was pretty uncomfortable and baby would not stop moving.

It was hard to sleep in a different bed.

I was up about every hour every single night for at least 3 hours trying to stretch my back out & get comfortable.
I woke the hubs up a lot more than I wanted to try to pop my back and massage it.
It was rough.
I cried.
I took a lot of naps.
But we still had a good time with family, yummy food, wonderful weather & good ol Mother Nature :) 

I won't lie though...I am happy to be home and to be back in my own bed.

Before we left, I made another Dr.'s appointment because I was having all the same symptoms I had before when I had the UTI.
So, I figured it came back or I was having some serious problems.
sure enough, it did.
They gave me another prescription for the same antibiotics.
The nurses were asking how much longer I had to go and I told them 7 weeks. They said if they can't get a handle on this then she will be here in 5!!
ah, I don't know if I am ready for that.
They told me the top two reasons for preterm labor are:
1. UTI
2. Dehydration.

Good thing I drink a gallon of water every day (and now cranberry juice on top of that).

Then this week Kyle & I must have come down with a 48 hr flu or something?!
We have both been throwing up.
I've had severe back pain to the point where I thought I was in back labor.
Called my doctors office more than once a day...they did not help me AT ALL which was incredibly frustrating.
Went to a few different doctors appointments. Never saw my doctor...I haven't seen him in over a month which kind of irritates me to no end.
So, I have spent the past month in pain because of this dumb UTI which caused my kidneys to swell (hence the severe back pain) & if I am not careful, could turn into a kidney infection, so FINALLY, they changed my antibiotic which I don't know why they didn't do that the first time. They said this one should take care of it.
Yeah........I guess we will see?
I am not a very happy pregnant lady these days.
They tell me that a UTI can cause early labor but they don't seem too concerned that I have had it for a month.
seriously, I am thinking about switching doctors!


Other than that, (on a happy note), things are going well.
Baby moves constantly!! 
She is getting so big that you can feel limbs.
We still can't tell if its a hand, foot, leg, arms, etc but it is pretty neat.
Kyle absolutely LOVES it more than anything!!
He loves to watch my belly move and every time she kicks all he can say is "woah!" or "That was a big one!!"
He talks to her all the time and loves when she kicks his head when he is laying on my belly.
He says he has dreams about her almost every night & how he can't wait for her to get here so he can just hold her.
He is already planning 'daddy-daughter dates' & making threats about when she starts dating.
He is going to be the best dad ever! ;)
It makes me love him even more to see and know how darn excited he is to be a daddy!
He loves our little girl more than words.
He gets all teary eyed talking about her and looking at her little tiny clothes/socks.

He is so cute!

We still have a few things to get ready before baby girl comes.
I can't believe we are down to the wire.

I sure hope I am ready for this!!