Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Miss Hadley wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe Halloween!

(5 weeks old)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One month already?

My little baby turned one month old on the 25th!

I can't believe it. She is growing up too fast!

Time has flown by & we have enjoyed every minute of it.
(even if the days seem to blur together).

This little piece of heaven has become such a blessing in our lives.

It's true what they say...once you hold that sweet babe you forget all about the bad things.

Miss H was completely and totally, 100% worth every second of pain, sickness, exhaustion, etc.

I love being able to spend every second of every day with Hadley.
I just stare, kiss and cuddle with her all the time & it never gets old.

Some little things about Hadley:

She makes the funniest faces
She is starting to smile when she hears mom & dads voices
She looks at us when we talk to her, even though I am sure we are still blurry figures to her
She has the most adorable cry ever. I love it.
She has giggled a few times along with giant smiles (always in her sleep)
She has started to coo/talk back to us a little bit
She sleeps really well (most of the time)
She loves bath time
She loves to cuddle/be held when she is tired
She always has to have her hands by her face, especially while sleeping.
No matter what we do she breaks out of her swaddle.
She is very strong! She was holding her head up the day after she was born.
She loves to look around at everything
She loves to just lay out and stretch
She eats really well. Latched on right away and has done great ever since.

She is the best thing that has ever happened to Kyle & I.
We love her so much!

Birth Story

I started a journal for Miss H but haven't quite gotten to the birth story part of it yet so I am writing it down here just in case I forget something.
So, it's  mainly for my record..but, if someone is reading this..enjoy! 

A little back ground..(for me)
at my 36 week appointment I was dilated to a 1, 60% effaced, and baby had dropped 1cm
at my 37 week appointment I was dilated to a 1 1/2, 90% effaced, and baby had not dropped anymore
at my 38 week appointment I had not progressed from the previous week. (worst news ever)

My mom flew into town on Saturday, September 22nd. I was hoping and praying that baby would stay put until she got here. That day was my nephews 1st birthday and we had a little party for him. We were shooting to have baby girl that weekend. I was huge, swollen, exhausted and ready for her to get here.
The next day (Sunday, Sep. 23rd) I felt like complete garbage. Very crampy and nauseous. I had a feeling that she would be coming any day. That night around 10:30pm I started having contractions. I asked Kyle to time them. We timed them for an hour and they were consistently 2-3 minutes apart.
I woke my mom up and told her, we then grabbed our bags and headed to the hospital.
We checked in around midnight, they hooked me up to everything, just to send me home at 3am.
I was pretty bummed but they couldn't keep me because I wasn't dilating.
We all went back home & tried to sleep.
That morning we got ready, Kyle skipped his classes but still had to go to work.
I told my mom if I am going to go into labor that day and not be able to eat for 'x' amount of hours that we should go to lunch. So we did just that, then we walked and walked and walked around the track at the university to try and get things going. 
My contractions were still very consistent. I called Kyle and told him. He left work early, met us at home then we headed back to the hospital.
We checked in around 3:30pm, hooked me back up to everything, checked me and I was at a 2.
They came back a few hours later and checked me again and I was at a 3 (if I remember correctly?)
I had dilated 1cm so I got to stay! wahoo!
We were all excited (I was secretly freaking out on the inside)
I couldn't believe that it was actually happening.
They hooked me up to the IV drip...they had to stick me three times! the first two times they collapsed my veins which left me with a massive bruise.

My doctor came in around 7pm and broke my water. That is by far the weirdest feeling ever.
Right away my contractions became a whole lot stronger but still bearable.

The anesthesiologist was close by so he came and gave me the epidural shortly after.
I am not a fan of needles so I was pretty scared to get the epidural but there was no way I was going without it.
While the Dr. was giving me the epidural I got a charlie horse down the right side of my back/hip.
It was so painful and lasted a good 5 minutes or so. Supposedly it normal?!
After the epidural kicked in. I was in heaven.
It also calmed my nerves & made me super relaxed.
I just remember I kept saying "This is awesome!"
If you could buy epidural on the streets..I'd probably be a drug addict. It was that amazing!

After they broke my water and gave me the epidural they told me I couldn't have anything to eat except popsicles and ice chips. The nurse would come in every few hours to check me and empty the catheter. I wasn't dilating as fast as I was hoping but they wouldn't give me any pitocin. (I don't know why?)

Around 11pm my mom and sister decided to go back to our apartment and try to get some sleep but to call them when I started pushing.

The nurses kept telling me to rest and to sleep but it was pretty much impossible with all the noises, the blood pressure cuff going off every 15-30 minutes, and the nurses walking in and out.
I finally fell asleep for about and hour then and 2am the nurse came in to check me.
she told me I was dilated to a 10!
I instantly started to let my emotions get a hold of me. I started shaking uncontrollably & I started to cry a little bit. I asked Kyle to give me a blessing to help calm my nerves and that everything would be okay.
The nurses brought me some warm blankets but it didn't help my shaking.
They said it's normal and its called "The shakes"
I pushed a couple times and then the nurse said she wanted to do the 'drop and descend' for an hour
(pointless if you ask me)
We called my mom and sister, they came back up to the hospital, then at 3:40am I started pushing.

Kyle and I just wanted it to be us two in the room and be able to spend the first moments together as a little family so my mom and sister went to wait in the waiting room thinking I wouldn't be pushing for that long, because my mom only pushed for about half an hour but, just like my whole pregnancy, nothing compared to my mom.

After about an hour of pushing the nurse gave me some oxygen because I told her I had a migraine.

I got a new (AMAZING) nurse at 5am who told me I didn't "need that crap" (oxygen) then kept asking me why they had not given me any pitocin and that I should have had it a long time ago.

After she gave me the pitocin, things started moving along but Hadley was having a hard time getting under my pubic bone.

When the 3rd hour of pushing rolled around, my doctor had been there for about half an hour, he said that after 3 hours they want to get the baby out because they don't want the baby to be stressed.
He gave me the option of a c-section, forceps or the vacuum. I definitely did NOT want a c-section! He said if they used the forceps or vacuum that I would tear/rip pretty bad. So as you can see, all 3 options didn't sound appealing at all so I asked if I could just keep pushing and they said sure. So for the next hour I pushed with all my might to get my sweet baby girl here safe and sound.

When Hadley started crowning the doctor kept telling Kyle to come look at her and kept saying how much hair she had. Then the doctor started playing with her hair & made a mohawk (awkward?).
When her head came out, the nurse said "look there is your baby"..I couldn't see much and I didn't really know what to think, I was running on like 5 hours of sleep in two days and was pretty out of it.

Then the scary part came.

The doctor said the cord was wrapped around Hadley's neck twice!
The nurse kept saying that they she didn't detect it on the screen and such... Again,  I was kind of out of it.
The doctor had to cut the cord early which caused Hadley to be a little more white than they wanted her to be.
Then next thing I knew, Hadley was sitting on my chest and Kyle was cutting her cord.
She only really squawked a few times but it was the cutest thing I have ever heard.
I immediately fell in love with her.

She was born at 7:36am weighing 7lbs. 14oz. and was 20in. long
I was in shock, sleep deprived, had a massive headache & starving (I had not eaten anything in 18 hours!) so the whole labor process is a bit of a blur.

After we took a few pictures, the nurses cleaned her up, weighed her, took her foot prints, etc.
The doctor did what he had to do "downstairs".
I did have a small tear that had to be stitched up.

After we spent a good 20 minutes or so as a little family we let my mom, sister and brother come in and see Hadley. They skyped my dad so he could see her while I ate some food then they rushed everyone out so I could breast feed.

Hadley latched on right away! Such a blessing.
After we fed her a little bit they took us upstairs to our room. My legs were still a little numb and it hurt SO bad "downstairs" to move my legs because of the tear and that I pushed an almost 8lb baby out!

They brought Hadley back in and we did some skin to skin and I finally got to rest and sleep for a little bit.
(Kyle took this while we were sleeping. I love it)

Kyle, my mom and sister all came back up to the hospital later that day after they all cleaned themselves up and got a little bit of rest.

(After 16 hrs of labor, 4 hrs of pushing, about 6 hrs of sleep in two days & swollen from all the liquid they pumped into me. I look like crap but what do you expect.)

The next day was rough.
I had not slept that much the previous night because I was anticipating them bringing Hadley to me to feed, the noises, the lights, sleeping in a hospital bed not being able to roll over because it hurt...
I was exhausted in every way shape and form.
I was really emotional.
I got quite discouraged because Hadley would not stay latched on when I tried to feed her.
The colostrum wasn't coming out as well as I would hope.
She was getting upset, I was getting upset.
I was so swollen all over from all the liquid they pumped into me.
The whole experience was completely overwhelming.

So the second night (Wed.) there they gave me a sleeping pill and kept Hadley in the nursery all night which meant they had to give her formula. I wasn't gungho about that but they told me I needed sleep because it wasn't going to be good for me or for Hadley if I didn't get some rest. 

We were told we could leave Thursday morning...well, Thursday morning came and went and we were still there. We didn't get to leave until Thursday around 3pm.

As much as I enjoyed all the help and stuff at the hospital I just wanted to be in my own home!

When we got home we were greeted by all my siblings, my mom and we skyped my dad (he flew in later). My nephew Cooper was not allowed in to see Hadley at the hospital so he didn't get to meet her until we brought her home. He loved her from the minute he saw her. She started crying and he looked at everyone all worried then he started crying. Cutest thing ever! He kept giving her loves and pointing at her then looking at all of us.

He is the sweetest boy.
They are only one year and three days apart.
I hope they are best friends growing up.

The first night home was rough. I was so tired but of course, like any new mom, I woke up to e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e sound that she made. The second night at home my mom insisted she have Hadley all night so I could sleep. I still woke up every few hours or texted my mom when I heard her crying to make sure everything was alright.

The first week of Hadley's life was/is a complete blur.
The days all blend together.
I don't think I have been so happy, sad, tired, etc all at the same time.

I had a bit of the "baby blues"..
Kyle had two tests that week which he failed both. He didn't go to class pretty much the entire week because he was being the amazing husband that he is and spent every second at the hospital with me and Hadley.
I was anticipating my mom leaving and wondering how in the world I was going to take care of this baby without her.
I had a million questions and concerns going through my head. It was a very intense, emotional week.

Overall, I wish some things would have gone differently...for instance, I wish they would have given me pitocin earlier so I didn't have to be in labor for 16 hours!
My doctor was great, the nurse who helped deliver Hadley was great. We were having normal every day conversations in between contractions. The labor experience was wonderful because I couldn't feel one thing. I only felt pressure when Hadley started to crown and it wasn't even that intense. I would so much rather do the labor part over than have to heal from it.

Now that we have been home for a while, Kyle and I have learned how to do things on our own.
My sister is still here and has been a huge help.
I am still trying to learn how to multi-task. Not being able to clean my house has been kind of rough seeing as I am a clean freak.
Most days I don't get out of my pj's or even shower. (don't judge me)

I absolutely love being a mom.
It is the greatest thing ever.
I am so grateful for Hadley and that she was sent to us.
She is the biggest blessing in our lives.
I love to cuddle and just stare at her.
She is already a mama's girl and spoiled rotten.