Wednesday, February 13, 2013

4 months

Well, now that Miss H. is almost 5 months, I thought I'd better update on her.

She is quite the little princess. and by golly, does he know it!
She gets whatever she wants...and surprisingly, I don't really mind.
Is that bad?

There are days where the only progress I make is taking a shower & making dinner.

If I could, I would lay in bed all day and cuddle with her.
unfortunately, she won't have it.

She is just like her daddy in that she likes to get OUT of the house. She can't be couped up all day.

4 Month Stats:
Weight: 14lbs 2oz
Height: 25in.

New Facts/Accomplishments:
-Can roll from tummy to back, but still has a little trouble rolling from back to tummy. She usually only makes it to her side. She loves to lay on her side.
-Loves her jumper
-Pretty attached to mommy
-Wearing 3-6mo. clothing
-Had rice cereal for the first time on 01-16-2013
-Grabs & holds onto her feet
-Reaches for things
-Sits up with little assistance
-Likes to stand up, with help of course
-Likes to look out the window
-Likes other people/kids..from a distance ;)
-Loves to go outside/go on walks
(We CANT wait for Spring at our house)
-She still isn't sleeping through the night. The dr. said she can now go 8hrs without eating and that I need to let her cry/self sooth herself back to sleep at night but I just haven't got the guts + she is still sleeping in our room which makes it more difficult. Kyle insists that we put her in the nursery and start the self soothing but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm a wimp! I have a feeling I will be sleeping in the spare bed in the nursery for a while ;)

Miss H. has her hard days but, I love my little angel.
She is perfect.
I love being a mom.

Even though our apartment looks like a miniature version of Babies R Us with all of her toys everywhere. I love it.

I was looking at pictures of my pregnant self and of when Haddie was first born.
What a miracle it is that our bodies can create a little human being.
I stare at her little hands & feet in complete awe that my body made, housed, fed, & created her!

What a gift from Heaven she is!