Sunday, March 10, 2013

5 Month Update & My Birthday!

Here is a little update on my little punkin, Hadley Shay!
She is getting SO's hard to believe she is already 5 months old when it feels like I just had her yesterday.

-Miss H. had baby food (sweet potatoes) for the first time on Jan. 30, 2013, she LOVED them!
we have also tried,
Peaches=a little too tart for her
Carrots=didn't like at first, but now she does
Green Beans=Liked, but not favorite
Peas=She wasn't quite sure at first but then chowed the rest down.
then we have tried mixtures like apple, bananas, & pears which she seems to enjoy a lot.
Although, one mixture had Mango and she wasn't really a fan of that.
But, boy, does she LOVE baby food!! We walk to the pantry to get a jar out and she opens her mouth knowing exactly what's going down. Sometimes we can't get the next bite in her mouth fast enough. She just stares at us with her mouth wide open. She is so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it!

-Miss Hadley made another huge achievement....
She can now sit up, ALONE! She loves it!!! She only likes to be held if she can sit up in your lap. It's also nice for mommy because now I can actually get some things done.

-Hadley is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and 6 month pjs (she has got some big feet so her toes get smashed in the 3mo ones)

-She loves to talk and hear her own voice (especially at church when its quiet!)
-She now puts her feet/toes in her mouth
-Along with sitting up, she is always grabbing for things. She is loving hair lately. Facial hair, chest hair (sorry grandpa!), my hair.
She reaches for her toys, burp rags, blankets, the toys on her jumper, etc.
-She can also put her binki in...but I think she is just getting lucky putting it in the correct way.
-She loves attention from everyone around her & they seem to love it too because she just smiles and bats her eyelashes! (Princess or what??)
-She is amazed by other little kids..she just stares at them.
-Everyone has been telling me how expressive she is lately...and how big her eyes are. She is very expressive and makes a whole bunch of new faces
-Her hair is getting thicker. I can't wait until I can put little curlers, clips and ponytails in.
-She just recently started to get that darn bald spot on the back of her head...I don't know how she is going bald with all the sitting up she does.
-Recognizes her name when we call her.
-We got her ears pierced on February 16, 2013. That was a bit traumatic for Kyle. I had him hold her because I knew I couldn't do it. She was a bit fussy to start out with and then we just pissed her off more when the lady pierced her ears.
-She was doing so well at rolling over, but for some reason, she won't do it anymore.
-Slobbers/blows bubbles like crazy! I think she may be getting her bottom right tooth but I am not positive yet.
-She is falling asleep easier than before
-We started  letting her cry herself to sleep on her 5 month birthday..I cried..but she did pretty well for the first time in her own room all alone.
-She has started reaching for mommy
-She finally is understanding Peek-A-Boo! She laughs and laughs. it's adorable.
-When sitting up, she is starting to lean forward onto her knees then pushes off..I'm thinking she will figure out crawling before we know it! :(
 She is getting so big!

On the 27th, I had my 24th birthday.
I told Kyle the only thing I wanted was family pictures & Hadley's 6 month pictures taken.
Of course, that wasn't good enough.

I woke up, went to the living room where I found this little surprise. "The Help" (one of my favorite movies), some of my favorite candies, a love letter on my laptop and an outfit for Miss H. (for her 6 mo. pics) and of course balloons. Kyle loves his balloons. haha!

That morning before he left for work and school I was sitting on the couch, I stood up to give him a hug and a kiss goodbye, so I stood on my tiptoes and put my arms around his neck..I remember blacking out a little bit..which happens all the thing I know, I was sitting on the floor.

I passed out for the first time ever. on my birthday.
Great way to start the day, right?

Then I went and cuddled/fell back asleep with my little princess.
We woke up, got ready for the day and played for a while.
Kyle walked in the door around 2:30. I thought he was coming home early to surprise me. But he just kept saying how he was having this excruciating pain on his right side. I automatically thought his appendix. I kept asking him if we should go to InstaCare or something. Then I googled pain on right side..Kyle had all the symptoms of a Kidney Stone! yuck!
Both his parents have had multiple kidney stones, and I knew if we went to InstaCare they would just send us to the ER. Long story short, we headed over to the ER (good thing we live 2 minutes away!!), Kyle was in so much pain, I am pretty sure he said every cuss word there is. We had to wait for half an hour to be seen. I'm pretty sure that was the longest 30 minutes of Kyle's life.
They took him back to the triage room where they took his weight, etc. As soon as we got back there, his face went white as a ghost and he threw up about 7 times. They finally took us back to a room, got some morphine in him & he started to be himself again. They did a CT scan and sure enough it was a darn kidney stone! Turns out they are hereditary. no fun!
We spent a good few hours at the hospital. I am so grateful that we have family close. Kyle's brother and his wife were able to come to the hospital. I'm pretty sure it was comforting for Kyle to have his brother there. I am also grateful that Hadley was asleep for most of this. Not sure if I could have handled a crying baby and screaming husband. haha!
We had planned to have our siblings over for cake & ice cream that night. We got home around the time we had told everyone to come over. I hurried and made dinner, but my house was still a disaster.
Kyle felt really bad. He even cried at the ER saying he was so sorry he ruined my birthday. (I'm pretty sure the drugs had an effect on him ;) haha).  I kept telling him it wasn't a big deal, I just wanted him to be alright.
The next day he didn't go to school or work. He slept for a good chunk of the day and passed that darn stone that evening. I can't believe that something so tiny can make a grown man throw up, cry, scream, etc. I really hope he doesn't get anymore. I've heard this is the closest they get to what it feels like to give birth, natural birth of course.

Overall, we had a good day.
I love my little family and that's all that matters.