Monday, April 29, 2013

6 & 7 Month Update

Man Oh Man!! Where has time gone??
My little babe is now 7 months old & I CANNOT believe it!
7 months! that's so close to a year.
Good thing I am planning her 1st birthday party right now, because at this rate, it could be here tomorrow.

Miss H. is at such a fun stage right now.
It is amazing to see her learn & discover new things every day.
She is so smart!
This month also brought lots & lots of firsts for our little family.

At Hadley's 6 month appointment she weighed 16lbs. 3oz and was 26in long.
The doc said she is just above average on "the charts".
And we went to an appointment on her 7 month "birthday" she weighed 17lbs. 7oz.

My big girl!

I seriously cannot believe how fast these past seven months have gone by

Hadley's 6 Month achievements:

-Sits up like a pro
-Can grab/pick up pretty much anything
-Knows what her bottle & binki are and puts them right in her mouth
-Rolls over constantly
-I think its finally safe to say she has blue eyes.
-Tries to crawl, she takes about one step then falls over
-Scoots backwards & can turn in circles
-Pushes up on hands & knees & sometimes even on her feet
-Holds her own bottle
-LOVES to skype! She loves it so much she attacks my laptop every time. She also loves the sound when pushing the buttons. One time she got so excited, she fell over & hit her head on the edge of my laptop and got a little bruise :(

It looked a lot worse in person :(

-Loves, loves, loves hair. all hair. She is always reaching for/pulling my hair, Kyle's hair/beard, other peoples hair, facial hair/chest hair.
-When falling asleep she has to touch my face or my hair
-Everyone says she looks just like daddy. I am starting to see it a little bit she gets bigger

                                                                                                          This is Kyle around the same age

-talks & talks & screams & talks!
-fake coughs & fake cries... it's so cute I can't help but laugh
-Loves everyone (from a distance,  but it doesn't take long for her to warm up) and all the attention they give her. Princess, I tell ya!
-Can now sit up in a shopping cart, but we only do that when we know it's not time to take a nap
-If she doesn't want something, she will be sure to tell me by hitting my hand out of the way
-We tried yogurt bites, baby biscuits & puffs on her 6 month birthday. She loved them all.
-She also got new earrings for her 6 month birthday!

She hates when we change them out though so the little white hearts have been in her ears for a while now

-L O V E S to feel/touch everything. She is soooo curious to the things around her. It's pretty awesome to see her little mind at work.
-Gives mommy & daddy kisses. Sometimes even when we smart, right?
-Her little hands are always grasping something
-Went to the park for the first time (03-26-13), loved the swings, wasn't quite sure about the slide.
-Played on the grass for the first time. She loved the feeling of the grass
-Fed the ducks for the first time (03-29-13)

-We go on LOTS of walks. About 2-3 every day

-LOVES to be outside (Just like her daddy)
-We bought her some bubbles, she liked them but not for very long. I think Kyle had more fun with them ;)

-Still loves bath time and has learned to splash!
-Pulls herself onto her knees
-Loves to stand up (with help, of course)
-She can pull herself up onto her feet when hanging onto me
-L O V E S her daddy like nothing else. I saw Kyle pull up from work & I walked out there to meet him (with Hadley) and she screamed she was so excited! Made Kyle's day!
-Ticklish just like her mommy.....everywhere!
-Still hates her crib. We usually make it until 1a.m. and then she ends up in bed with us. (dont judge me, I love cuddling with her)
-We took her through her first car wash. Needless to say, she hated it.
-At her 6 month appointment the doc said she can pretty much eat whatever she wants/off our plate, just as long as its not something she will choke on. We have been giving her tiny tastes of everything. She loves it & doesn't seem too interested in her baby food anymore.
-We gave her a Popsicle a few months ago but that is still probably her favorite thing!
-She didn't do too well with her  6 month shots. She has been pretty fussy& ornery this time around. 
-Very vocal.
-Blows bubbles
-LOVES her cousin Cooper more than anyone but he isn't too interested in playing with her but he loves to give her kisses and loves.
-Loves to play peek-a-boo
-Wearing 3-6mo. clothing & 9mo. pjs

Hadley's 7 month Achievements:
-Big one: SHE IS CRAWLING! everywhere! She first started crawling on 04-05-13