Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 months

I know I say this constantly, but I cannot believe that my little baby is getting so big.

I was looking at her today during her nap and it almost brought me to tears to see how big she is getting.

We have now hit the 8 month mark and I am in complete awe.
I feel like I just had my little babe and now we are throwing around the idea of when we should have another one.

Where has time gone?

There are no words to describe how fast this time has gone by. I am just grateful to have been able to stay home with my little love for a majority of her short life and to have been able to see her grow and learn.

Hadley's new achievements:
-Says "Mama"
-Copycats things we do (spit out tongue, coughs, yawns, scrunches nose and breaths real fast, kissy sound, etc)
-Dances to music
-We have tried a sippy cup a few times but it just makes a mess
-Gives everyone loves and kisses
-Bottom left tooth popped through her gums 05-04-13
-Bottom right tooth popped through four days later on 05-08-13
-Loves when we vacuum and sweep. She follows us around and tries to grab for them
-Walks along the couch
-Walks SOOO good when we hold onto her hands. (So sad that she is big enough to walk already!)
-Pulls herself up to a standing position on almost any type of furniture
-Holds on with one hand
-She has started this thing, where she tilts her head when she looks at things
-She has started to look around things (wall, cell phone, etc..if that makes sense)
-We do this thing where we lay her down and do the "parachute" with a blanket. She LOVES it and would do it for hours.
-Hates to have a blanket on her during naps/bedtime
-Goes after every little crumb or object on the floor and tries to put it in her mouth
-Loves to be tossed side to side
-Reaches for and touches everything
-Flirts and then acts shy/bashful
-She tends to like men more then women
-Still hates her carseat
-Takes 2-3 naps a day and they are usually longer than they used to be
-I made the decision to stop breastfeeding. It was kind of hard because that was a special way for me & Miss H. to connect but after she bit me a few times & I went back to work (my milk supply dropped) we just decided to start her on formula. She seems MUCH happier (and full) with the formula.
-Wears 6 and 9 month clothing