Wednesday, September 25, 2013

11 Months

I cant even begin to comprehend that my baby...MY almost one!

When did this happen?


The time has gone by w a y too fast!

My sweet Hadley Shay is so smart. She is such an observer and copies everything she sees/hears.

-Says: Mom, Dad, Ouch, No, Yuck, Hello, boo, Papa (grandpa), hi, hi dad, uh-oh, don't
-Loves to play Peek-a-boo. She has gotten to the point where she plays by herself and waits for us to say "boo". She will cover her head with anything in reach.
-Top left tooth broke thru on 08-06-13
-Always has to hold mommy's hand
-We bought Hadley her first tooth brush and she caught on right away

-We bought Hadley her first sippy cup. She loves it, but still prefers a bottle.
-Sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth! sometimes this is quite frustrating!
-She went through a little phase saying "hi dad" to about everyone, everywhere we went. Now she just says "hi" and waves.
-Gives hi-fives
-When we ask her for kisses she makes a kissy sound
-She has started to give some closed mouth kisses, but surprises us with a few open mouth ones every now and then
-Smacks her lips after taking a drink
-She has discovered that she can stick her fingers in things. Her favorite: belly buttons, ears, NOSE!
-Opens cupboards/drawers
-Figured out that when you push the buttons on the TV, it does something. It's really quite funny. She will push a button and then "run" away really fast like she knows she isn't supposed to play with the tv.
-Already loves all animals..but like every little kid, just wants to squeeze them
-Absolutely loves water/bath time. She cries when she has to get out of the bath. She gets all stiff and reaches for the tub. This one time...I gave her a bath, got her out, put her in her diaper, ran to get the clothes out of her bedroom to find that she crawled BACK into her inflatable tub, which still had water in it!
-Got her first real big bonk on her head! It crushed my heart. :( Learning to walk is tough.

-Copies everything people do
-LOVES to be outside. Every time we walk out to the car she flails out of my arms and reaches for the grass and cries until I put her down. She would be out there all day long if we would let her.
-She loves to pick dandelions and blow the seeds off.
-She blows on her food
-Loves to drink out of daddy's camelbak water bottle

Miss H. is at such a fun stage. She is so smart, it blows my mind sometimes.
She is so friendly, she loves to play with friends, aunts and uncles, people at church.
This little lady is my whole world!!