Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wow, I  am so far behind in blogging. I have all these drafts saved, I just don't seem to publish them.
like I JUST published Miss Hadley's 18 months post...I'm only 4 months behind!

In those 4 months, Hadley has learned a ton of new words and we can pretty much have full on conversations. She understands everything we tell her, which is nice, but we are also getting to that "terrible two" stage and so we spend a lot of time trying to sit her down and explain things to her instead of yelling. She seems to do better when we look her in the eyes and tell her she can't do something. She is so incredibly smart! It amazes me every day that she's mine and I strive to be a good mommy and refrain from raising my voice. We have our days but she is the best little girl.

Just a few days after Hadley's 18 month "birthday", we found out that we are expecting baby #2.
We had been trying so it wasn't too much of a surprise but we are so excited!
We have been trying to explain to Haddie that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and we ask her if she wants a baby, if she wants to give the baby a hug/kiss, sing songs to the baby, etc. She does pretty well for the most part and has started to do it on her own.
We haven't been around too many little babies to kind of "prepare" her for it, but when she is around them she loves them to pieces. She never wants to give them back and she is constantly giving them kisses or saying "Aww, cute!". She is the sweetest and it makes me even more excited to see her be a big sister!

So far, this pregnancy has been completely different than when I was pregnant with Hadley.
I did get morning sickness around 8 weeks or so and I started feeling a little normal again around 17-18 weeks but still have my moments when I feel gross. But for the record, I haven't thrown up! yipee!

I don't sleep. ever.
but I am  a l w a y s  tired.

It's so weird, I will wake up in the middle of the night and just be wide awake..for like 2 hours. It's actually quite annoying, especially because Haddie STILL doesn't sleep through the night.
I haven't gained as much theory is because, with Hadley, I had a job where I sat down all day and now I am constantly moving around at work or I'm chasing Hadley around since she doesn't seem to hold still for more than 2 seconds. But the SPD has come back with this pregnancy (like I was warned), It is painful but life doesn't stop so I just push through it for the most part.

I do have some heartburn/acid reflux, not as bad as I did with Haddie but it still sucks.

I haven't had too many weird cravings.. Peach rings (the candy), Cranberry Limeades from Sonic, FatBoys, Potatoes (of any sort-mashed, baked, fries, etc)..other than that, nothing else comes to mind.

We find out the gender of this sweet babe tomorrow and I am a little nervous.
Not sure why?
With Hadley, I knew she was a girl, but with this one...I don't have the slightest idea.

Guess that's what my next post will be about ;)

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