Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1 month

1 month
The first month just flew by.
I still cant believe we have two kids

at 1 month Hazel
-sleeps A LOT
-Smiles all the time
(looked at me and smiled huge on 01-01-15)
-Does a cute little laugh/chuckle (usually when sleeping)
-Is a really good eater and eats every 2-3 hours
-LOVES to be swaddled and can't/won't sleep unless she is
-in newborn clothes
-Was in preemie diapers for a little while then newborn
-really strong, just like Haddie, was holding her head up right away
-Loves to be held
-Loves bath time

My parents and Kyle's parents were here for Christmas so we blessed Hazel the end of December so we could have all our family near.

It was so great to be surrounded with family and celebrate this new, precious, little baby girl.

We love her so much


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